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Week 10: Core Challenge. Have you got what it takes?

Week 10 Challenge: Core team challenge: Can you survive this Core Challenge ? LINK

By Catherine Ferguson

Week 9 Challenge: 'Till you Can't'!

This Weeks challenge: ‘Till You Can’t’ Pick 4 exercise i.e. Push ups, sit ups, squat, lunges Needs to be non stop, in a row...

By Catherine Ferguson

Week 8 Challenge : Can you do the Murph (ish) Challenge?

This Weeks challenge: The MURPH (ISH) CHALLENGE: This has been adapted from the original ‘Murph Challenge’ which is undertaken timed and with a 20...

By Catherine Ferguson

Week 7 Challenge : Eiffel Tower Challenge - Can you beat your Week 1 time?

This weeks challenge is a Squad event to see who can climb the Eiffel Tower first and also if you can beat your time...

By Catherine Ferguson

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