Anna Maine and Hazel Ferguson Awarded Woking Swimming Club Role of Honour


Anna Maine and Hazel Ferguson were both selected for the Woking Swimming Club Roll of Honour Award and were congratulated by Woking's Chairman, Brian Robbings , at The Annual Awards and Fun Night on Saturday 10th December.

The Role of Honour is not bestowed lightly and is awarded to those swimmers who have demonstrated outstanding achievements during their swimming career at Woking.

We certainly couldn't be more proud of both girls who have made such an impact oevr the years at Woking and it is our pleasure to award both Anna and Hazel with the prestigious Roll of Honour award of Woking Swimming Club. Well done to you both!

Below is a summary of the highlights of both Anna and Hazel's swimming Career at Woking:

Anna Maine: Role of Honour Award

Hazel Ferguson: Role of Honour Award