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Woking SC Webmaster

Parents and Swimmers,

A warm welcome to September swimming with the Woking Swimming Club!

Once again we are extremely fortunate to be able to offer the swimmers a good program for the month of September with support from Pool in the Park, Reed's School and Goldsworth Primary. This has been driven by the hard work of the WSC Committee and Coaching Staff to put it all together. Many of the sessions are in different time slots to normal, which we understand that in some case will be logistically challenging but we hope is only temporary. The swimmers are doing really well with the changes and this is exciting for the coaching staff.

Some things for the swimmers to think about:


With school going back, it is important for the swimmers to try build a routine with their sleeping and eating habits in order to keep their energy up and stay healthy. Learning how to eat correctly for training like a youth athlete is very important. Getting the right balance can be trial and error, but often when you can’t get up for back to back sessions it is diet you need to improve.

If you look at your dinner plate it should be 1/3 carbohydrate (pasta, rice etc.), 1/3 protein (meat, cheese other protein types) 1/3 veg/fruit. Good fats and Omega 3 are also very important for young athlete, as well as calcium and magnesium. Foods like olive oils, fish and yogurts (other dairy and dairy alternatives) are great sources of these. Overeating and undereating will both make you feel tired and sluggish for different reasons, and how much you need will depend on how busy your day is. If unsure, eat more fruit and vegetables until you work out what is best for you.

Drink plenty of water and avoid sports and energy drinks for the most part of the day as they were originally designed for heavy training and sporting events.

The sessions

Swimming wise we are looking at taking a small step forward with the session intensity which will be managed progressively. In a lot of cases, sessions will be back to normal session length and in some cases longer. 

The swim session focus will remain on:

- Building an aerobic/endurance base
- Skills - turns and underwater work
- Technique work
- Basic Speed

Goal setting

At the moment the best thing for the swimmers to be doing is to focus on improving these areas as it will help them to improve their performance swimming when they get a chance to compete again in the future. The coaches will start to look more at medium to longer performance goals whilst we gain some idea of what competition will look like over the coming months. Short term goals for swimmers should be based around improving training standards and technical skills that are being used and present in the swim sessions.

Getting ready for the future

The coaching team are also really proud of those swimmers who have already tried to do double and triple sessions which will benefit you in the long term, especially if your goal is to make South East Regionals and National level next year or the year after. A ‘double’ is when a swimmer backs up sessions AM and PM, which is common practice amongst competitive swimming clubs and programs all over the world. This helps swimmers to develop what is known as an aerobic base which increases a swimmer's ability to handle heats and finals as well as handle larger and harder volumes of training as they mature and develop. This will improve their durability and will help to separate them from the competition.


Will be back in the water very soon and we ask that you bear with us while we all work through some difficult times in order to deliver a quality program for Associate swimmers old and new.

The Rules!

I would like to remind everyone to know and follow protocol which have been set out by the Committee and Coaching staff as it directly follows the guidelines set out by Swim England and failure to do so can put a strain on the relationship between WSC and our pool providers:

- Social distancing

- Wearing of masks

- Pick up and drop timing and procedures 

- Beach ready - be dress warm

- Hygiene - sanitising hands and not showing up unwell.

- Shoes ‘off and on’ at the door is a rule in place from Pool in the Park we must abide by.

Following these basic rules will help all involved.

Thanks again to all our swimmers for their great attitude to our ‘new norm’.


Mark Staiger

HEAD COACH, Woking Swimming Club