King of the Pool Results (Updated) - Sunday 21st November

Woking SC Webmaster

Our latest King of the Pool (KOTP) event took place on Sunday 21st November for the younger swimmers in our Senior Academy. A big well done goes to all of our swimmers and congratulations to the overall KOTP winners who are shown below (updated 23rd November):

50 Free - William Janson (8)

50 Back - Jonathan Hill (9)

50 Breast - Jason George (10)

25 Fly - Jonathan Hill (9)

The full results of the events can be viewed using the links below:

  King of the Pool - Actual Times

  King of the Pool - Handicap Adjusted Times

  King of the Pool - Overall Winners

What is King of the Pool?

KOTP is a brilliant opportunity for the younger swimmers from our Senior Swimming Academy to experience what a meet is like. There is less pressure as it is internal, however the children are disqualified for incorrect swimming techniques but still given a time and a detailed reason as to why to help them improve and understand. The children swim 50m Freestyle/Backstroke/Breastroke and 25m Butterfly.

The way KOTP works is that even if you get the fastest time, you have a handicap based on your age. If you are 10 and swam in 45secs and an opponent is 9 and swims in 45secs, the 9 year old is the winner. You have a 1 second handicap per year of age difference per length. 11YO have to swim 2 secs faster on a 50 than a 10YO and 4 secs than a 9YO.

As well as a good opportunity for swimmers, it's a fab chance for parents to get involved in marshalling in order to support the club at future meets and it not be so daunting for them. Great learning experience all round!