Surrey County Championships - Final Weekend Report

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Surrey County Championships - Final Weekend Report

What a fantastic final weekend for the over 80 Woking swimmers who were back at the London Aquatic Centre, home of the 2012 Olympics, for the final weekend of the Surrey County Championships. This weekend saw the best swimmers in Surrey compete in all four of the 50m sprint events, along with the ever-exciting team relay events.

Whilst we celebrate our medal winners and finalists below, a huge congratulations must firstly go to all the swimmers who qualified for the County Championships. Surrey remains one of the toughest Counties to qualify for, and thus taking part in these championships is in itself a huge achievement.

The coaches were delighted with the overall performance of the Woking swimmers in these championships. So many of our swimmers, some competing for the first time in a 50m pool, swam amazing personal best times and brought home a huge number of medals, and helped to reward Woking as second placed team in the medals table.

Hendrik, Zoe and Kiera led the medal haul

zoe ryan

In this final weekend, it was 15 year old Hendrik van der Leest and 14 year olds Zoe Ryan and Kiera Heney that led the way in the Woking medal haul.

Hendrik continued his blistering form this season, winning all 4 of his sprint events bringing his medal tally for these Championships to a staggering total of 11 Gold medals, essentially winning every race in which he competed.

Zoe with already 4 medals so far in the championships, added a further Gold in the 50m backstroke in a storming PB swim of 31.91 sec and great PB swims in the three other sprint events. The icing on the cake for Zoe was to be crowned overall 14 yr old female top swimmer of the championships with her teammate, Kiera Heney, taking second place in the overall 14 yr female rankings and a Silver in her 50m fly and 50m freestyle event and Bronze in 50m back.

Mens 50m back swimmers strike Triple Gold

Brin Dorrell (16) was in great form, taking 3 Golds in the 50m free, 50m backstroke and 50m fly.  Club captain Matthew Ferguson (18) took Gold in the open 50m back event, setting a new Club Record in the process in a time of 27.53 secs and thus with Hendrik’s and Brin’s 50m back Golds, making it triple Gold in all their three age groups for Woking.  Ferguson was rewarded with a Bronze in the hotly contested open age 50m splash and dash 50m freestyle, with veteran Woking swimmer, 28 yr old Alex Smith, a European Master’s National Champion in this event, narrowly missing out on the Gold, winning Silver in a time of 23.84 secs.

Fellow veteran Woking swimmer, Dominic Holloway (22) in perhaps the closest event of the weekend narrowly missed out on Gold by only 0.1 sec, having to settle for Silver in the hotly contested open 50m breast event. Similarly, Danel Jansen (15) also narrowly missed out on Gold, taking Silver in girls 50m freestyle. Joshua Thompson (15) took Bronze in 50m breast.

Debbie breaks an 8 year old Club Record

deborah marango

What a County Championships for 12 yr old Debbie Marango, who was truly unlucky to miss out on medals in both 50m breast and 50m freestyle. With dogged determination, Debbie pulled out a storming swim in her 50m fly final, taking a second off her time to take Bronze in the 50m fly in a time of 32.13sec and setting a new Club Record that has stood for over 8 years!

Well done to our 50s Finalists

We also had a fantastic number of finalists who placed outside the medals and with some great PB times:

Tegan Gale (11)            - 6th in 50m back, 4th 50m free, 6th 50m fly

Anya Beeharry (11)       - 5th in 50m freestyle, 9th in 50m back

Akane Hincapie (12)     - 6th in 50m back, pbs in all other swims

Kayah Gough (12)        - 5th in 50m back, pbs in all other swims

Alice Lockhart (12)        - 7th in 50m back, 5th in 50m free, pb in 50m fly

Lauren Baker (14)         - 7th in 50m back, pbs in 50m free and fly

Sophie King (13)           - 6th in 50m freestyle, 6th in 50m breast

Debbie Marango (12)    - 4th in 50m breast, 4th in 50m free

Leopold Tosch (11)        - 7th in 50m free and pbs in all 4 swims

Wolfgang Tosch (11)      - 7th in 50m back and pbs in all 4 swims

Charlie Wale (14)          - 7th in 50m fly

Victor de Oliveira (15)   - 6th in 50m fly

Matthew Ferguson (18) - 5th in 50m fly

Ellie Trojanovich (11)     - 6th in 50m breast

Zoe Ryan (14)               - 6th in 50m free, 8th in 50m breast, 8th in 50m fly

Lucia Veasey                 - 5th in 50m fly

Zoe Griffin (15)              - 6th in 50m breast

Keira Doherty (15)         - 5th in 50m breast

Alexej Baldwin (15)        - 6th in 50m back

In addition to those already mentioned above, well done to all of the following swimmers who also competed in the 50m sprints on Saturday:

Daniel Baldwin, Antonia Berry, David Bindschedler, Abigail Elford, Aiden Elford, Joe Fuller, Emma Gandy, Samuel Gbajobi, Matthew Hammann, Ada Hanif, Joely Hartwell, Isabelle Hill, Bella Hornzee, Isabelle Jakubait, Josephine Lee, Maddi Livingstone, Erin Murrell, Benjamin Platt, Eleanor Pollock, Erin Pritchard, Galahad Reeve, Nathaniel Reeve, Emily Sanderson, Pippa Sceats, Annabelle Simon, Ben Smith, Mana Tanaka, Isabelle Townsend, Noah Trundle, Samuele Turata, Niamh Uttley, Fredrick van der Leest, Slava Vereda, Sadie Warmington, Scarlett Webster, Steven Wood and Sebastian Zabarte.

Great excitement in Sunday's Relays

Sunday’s relay events brought great excitement for the Woking swimmers.

The stars of the afternoon, and definitely those with the biggest smile, had to be the girls 10-11 year old 4 x 50m Medley relay swimmers of Tegan Gale, Ellie Trojanovich, Ellie Pollock and Anya Beeharry, who swam all round personal best swims to bring home the Silver for Woking.  Abigail Elford then joined Gale, Trojanovich and Beeharry in the 4 x 50m freestyle relay and upset the rankings once again to take a second Silver medal.

In a similar shake up of the rankings, a 6th seeded team of Kayah Gough, Sophie King, Debbie Marango and Alice Lockhart swam superbly to take a Bronze medal in the 12-13 4 x 50m Medley relay. The winning streak was infectious, as 5th seeded girls Danel Jansen, Zoe Ryan, Erin Pritchard and Kiera Heney snatched a Bronze medal in their 4 x 100m freestyle relay.

The Woking boys brought home yet more medals for Woking as the U16 boys team of Victor de Oliveira, Joshua Thompson, Alexej Baldwin and Hendrik van der Leest were rewarded with a team Bronze medal in the 4 x 100m freestyle relay with the same team going one step better, storming home to Silver in the freestyle relay. Finally, the veteran team of Matt Ferguson, Noah Trundle, Brin Dorrell and Alex Smith comfortably took Bronze in the hotly contested Open 4 x 100m free event.

Whilst the above mentions those relay swimmers who won medals in the championships, there were some incredible swims from the other relay swimmers, and some spectacular PB legs from many of our team, with some competing at the London Aquatics Centre for the first time:

  • Dom Gunn, David Bindschedler, Ben Smith and Finlay Tattersdill swam a great medley relay to come 2nd in their heat in the 4 x 100m 16/over Freestyle relay and then Noah Trundle replacing David in the Medley relay.
  • Brin Dorrell, Dom Holloway, Matt Ferguson and Alex Smith narrowly missed out on a medal in their 4 x 100m Medley, placing 4th.
  • Pippa Sceats, Keira Doherty, Lucia Veasey and Zoe Griffin out performed their rankings with all round PB swim and come home 1st in their heat of the 4 x 100m freestyle.
  • Samuel Gbajobi, Reuben Trundle, William Watt and Nathaniel Reeve all swam great legs in their 12-13 4 x 50m free relay.
  • Seb Zabarte, Fredrick van der Leest, Aiden Elford and Daniel Baldwin stormed home to 1st place in their 4 x 50m free relay heat after some great PB swims.
  • Bella Hornzee, Mana Tanaka, Akane Hincapie, Lizzie Chapman all swam well in their 12-13 4 x 50m medley relay. Isabelle Townsend, Kayah Gough, Lizzie and Bella then teamed up to swim a great relay heat in the 4 x 50m freestyle.
  • Alice Lockhart, Mana Tanaka, Debbie Marango and Sophie King all performed superbly in their 4 x 50m Freestyle relay, placing 6th and dropping 2 seconds off their entry time.
  • Pippa Sceats, Keira Doherty, Lucia Veasey and Zoe Griffin finished 1st in their heat of the 16 & Over 4 x 100m Medley and 7th overall.
  • Antonia Berry, Ada Hanif, Lauren Small and Eleanor Pollock all swam superb legs in their 10-11 4 x 50m Freestyle relay.
  • Antonia Berry, Evie Mackay, Ada Hanif and Abigail Elford had a great team effort in their 10-11 4x50m Medley relay.
  • Samuele Turata, Galahad Reeve, Leopold Tosch and Wolfgang Tosch all delighted the crowd with their great heat swim, touching home 1st in their heat for the 4 x 50m medley.
  • Seb Zabarte, Nathaniel Reeve, Daniel Baldwin and Fredrick van der Leest came home in 8th place in their 4 x 50m medley relay with a fabulous final PB freestyle leg by Fredrick with a split of 30.13 seconds.
  • Galahad Reeve, Ritam Sen, Daniel Turner and Matthew Thompson all had a great team effort in their 10-11 4 x 50m Free relay.
  • Leopold Tosch, Samuele Turata, Ben Platt and Wolfgang Tosch swam a staggering combined 8 second PB to upset all the rankings and come home placed 5th in the 4 x 50m Free relay.
  • Joely Hartwell, Isabelle Hill, Emma Gandy and Josephine Lee all swam great legs in their Under 16 4 x 100m freestyle, but unfortunately lost out to a tight takeover decision.
  • Steven Wood, Joe Fuller, Charlie Wale and Sebastian Zabarte stormed home in 3rd place in their Under 16 4 x 100m Medley heat.
  • Joe Fuller, Steven Wood, Daniel Baldwin and Charlie Wale all showed great team spirit and came home 6th in their Under 16 4 x 100m freestyle heat.
  • Josephine Lee, Maddie Livingstone, Niamh Uttley and Emma Gandy put in a great team effort in their Under 16 4 x 100m Medley.
  • Samuel Gbajobi, William Watt, Aiden Elford and Reuben Trundle all put in a spirited performance to come 6th in their heat of the 12-13 4 x 50m Medley relay.
  • Daniel Turner, Matthew Thompson, Tom French and Ben Platt all produced a great team effort to come 2nd in their 10-11 4 x 50m Medley heat.
  • Zoe Ryan, Erin Pritchard, Kiera Heney and Danel Jansen all produced a great team effort to finish 5th overall in a hard-fought Under 16 4 x 100m Medley.

Our Head Coach, Mark Staiger, said:

"We are delighted with the great performance and team spirit of all the Woking swimmers this weekend and throughout the championships. So many of our swimmers produced personal best times and it’s great to see some new faces and talent coming through and representing their club at such a fantastic venue."

A big thank you goes to all of our amazing Volunteers and Officials who gave up their time to help at this year's Championships. Without your support, the Championships simply can't happen and all of your hard work is very much appreciated both by Woking Swimming Club and the Surrey County ASA.

Thanks to Catherine Ferguson for putting this report of the final weekend together and, with so many swimmers in action, it's not an easy task and is very much appreciated.

And finally, a huge thanks goes to all of the support provided from our supporters in the gallery over this weekend and throughout the Championships. Woking certainly seemed to have the loudest gallery support which brought many comments from other clubs on the great Woking team spirit!

A collection of our medallist photos are shown below:

brin dorrellbrin dorrellbrin dorrellhendrik vdl brin dorrellzoe ryan kiera heneyalex smith matthew fergusonvictor hendrik joshua alexejdaneldominic holloway

More photos: