Surrey Age Group Summer Meet 2019 – Day 1

Woking SC Webmaster

Woking swimmers were out in force at the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex for Day One of the Surrey Age Group Summer Meet.

A great first day was had with a total of 86 swims gaining 67% of PBs and 27 medals, 13 Gold, 5 Silver and 9 Bronze, with several swimmers making their Surrey debut.

Morning Session

First up was the girls 200m Backstroke in the morning session.  Huge PBs were gained from Isla Hanif, Isabelle Rose, Abi Elford, Sadie Warmington, Annabelle Simon, Olivia Mills, Gemma Allen, Niamh Uttley and Isabelle Hill. With medals won by Abi Elford (Bronze), Sadie Warmington (Gold), Annabelle Simon (Bronze) and Niamh Uttley (Gold).

Next was the boys 200m Breaststroke. Again PBs were gained from Galahad Reeve, Leopold Tosch, Denver Zhang, Nat Reeve, Daniel Baldwin, Seb Zabarte, Sam Alford, Alex Baldwin and Victor de Oliveira. With Medals won by Galahad Reeve (Gold), Leopold Tosch (Silver), Denver Zhang (Silver), Nat Reeve (Gold), Daniel Baldwin (Bronze), Alex Baldwin (Gold) and Victor de Oliveira (Bronze).

The highly competitive Girls 100m Freestyle was next with great swims and PBs from Lauren Small, Abi Elford, Sadie Warmington, Olivia Mills, Emma Gandy, and Lauren Baker.

More PBs and Medals were gained in the next event the Boys 100m Backstroke. PBs from Benji Whiddett, Galahad Reeve, Isaac Whiddett (Bronze), Nat Reeve (Gold), Sam Alford and Victor de Oliveira (Gold).

The last event of the morning session was the Girls 100m Butterfly with Pbs and Medals for Ellie Trojanovich (Gold), Lauren Baker (Gold), Emma Gandy (Bronze), and Joely Hartwell.

Afternoon Session

The afternoon session kicked off with the boys 200m Freestyle. PBs and medals from Benji Whiddett (Gold), Galahad Reeve, Wolfgang Tosch (Gold), Ryan Grealou (Silver), Denver Zhang and Nicholas Van Harmelen.

The first girls race of the afternoon session was the 200m Individual Medley. PBs and Medals from Lauren Small, Tegan Gale (Gold), Anya Beeharry, Annabelle Simon and Sadie Warmington.

Followed by the Girls 100m Breaststroke again PBs and Medals from Tilly Lockyer, Lauren Small, Isla Hanif, Tegan Gale (Gold), Abi Elford and Alice Lockhart (Silver).

The last event of the day was the boys 100m Individual Medley. The last PBs and Medals were from Galahad Reeve (Bronze), Wolfgang Tosch (Gold), Tom French, Denver Zhang (Bronze), Isaac Whiddett and Nicholas van Harmelen.

Well done to all!

A huge well done to all swimmers that took part. Looking forward to the final day on 16th June.


Sadie Warmington - 200m back (Gold)

sadie warmington


Nat and Galahad Reeve (Nat: Gold 200m breast; 100m back; Galahad: Gold 200m breast; Bronze 100IM)

nathaniel and galahad reeve


Wolfgang Tosch - 200m Free (Gold), 100 IM (Gold)

wolfgang tosch


Benji Whiddett - 200m Free (Gold)

benji whiddett


Tegan Gale (and Harry!) (Gold 200m IM and 100m Breast)

tegan gale


Leopold Tosch - 200m Breaststroke (Silver) 

leopold tosch