Cadets – Bronze – Bronze Development – Silver Development


Forward arm swings with a jump
Back arm swings no jump
One arm forwards/one back both directions
Alternate arms behind the neck
Elephant swings try and sweep floor
Legs swing front to back
Leg swings Side to side

Lunge and twist 10 on each leg
Streamline squats x 10
Squat jumps x5
Hands and knees, move elbow floor to ceiling hand on side of head x10 each side

Walk out into press up and walk back x5

Exercises - 30s on/30s off x2:

Running on the spot 

Running on the spot with high knees touching hands

Running on the spot feet touching bottom

Jumping Jacks

Seal jacks


Mountain climbers

Core work 30s on/30s off x2

Sit ups

Press up


Flutter kicks