Silver Development


alex counsell


  • 5 Sessions on offer per week
  • Up to 8.75 hours of swim time per week
  • Swims at Level 2-4 Open Meets

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SQUAD REP: Sirkku Cockin

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Squad criteria and moves are now based on a number of differing criteria and test sets, with a points based system, to ensure that the swimmers who aspire to continually improve will be given the opportunity to do so. Swimmers who have the most credits will be invited to swim in the next squad.

Credit (points) will be given for the following:

  • Attendance averaging > 67% of sessions
  • Development of good technique/skills (per stroke)
  • Approval (for squad move) from all coaches involved
  • Aspire to swim at the next level /compete in open meets
  • Good training etiquette

Credit will be also given for completing each of the following test sets (in normal training sessions) to ensure the swimmer can cope with the next level of training:

  Test sets – all demonstrating required technique­

  • 8 x 100m Freestyle @ 2:10
  • 100m Backstroke (holding required technique for 100m distance, repeatable in a set)
  • 100m Breaststroke (holding required technique for 100m distance, repeatable in a set)
  • 10 x 25m Fly @ 60sec without fins.

Minimum age 11 years.

If a swimmer is 13 years or older in Silver Development they must be aiming for White Gold criteria.

Please visit the FAQ and contact your squad coach should you have any further questions regarding these criteria.