St Ives Swimming Club

A Competitive Cambridgeshire Swimming Club 

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We have a fundraising group ont he committee who are always welcome to new ideas for fundraising

All money raised goes directly back into the club for new equipment or addiional training


Bonus Ball

Our fundraising group started a bonus ball draw this December 2019

·           Squares cost £1 per month and you could win up to £50. Alternatively, you can buy an annual number for £12.

·           The club will receive 50% of the money raised each month

Bonus Ball squares are still available to buy please see Helen Boag or Sarah Lynch to buy your square.

Draw 1 - Dec19 picked by Andy - number 46 ROLLOVER

Draw 2 - Jan 20 picked by Val - number 90 ROLLOVER

Draw 3 - Feb 20 picked by Dale - number 49 ROLLOVER 

Draw 4 - Mar 20 picked by Independently- number 95 ROLLOVER 

The Bonus Ball was suspended during Lockdown as agreed by the Committee

Total in rollover pot for Mar 20 £112

Total donated to Swimming Club to date £112