Club Membership

Membership of St. Ives Swimming Club is annual.  Swimmers become members of St. Ives Swimming Club (SISC) by invitation. As soon as a swimmer is offered and accepts a place with the club, he/she must complete a registration process online through TeamUnify, which gives them access to a membership area that holds important contact and health details.   All squad swimmers who become part of SISC have to complete registration to Swim England as a Category 2 member.  These fees are paid annually to SISC who pass it on to Swim England.  This provides them with insurance whilst training with us and the access to enter meets and team events.

Flounders swimmers are members of the Club for the duration of their course, and are registered by the club as Category 1 members.  Flounders Swim England fees have to be paid annually in January, seperate to swimming fees.

Committee members and officials are also enrolled as members to fall under the Swim England regulatory umbrella.  Renewal of membership is by annual invitation. 

Personal data is kept on a secure SISC area on Team Unify and is used solely for internal club purposes and Swim England registration.

It is important that personal information is kept up to date at all times so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Membership Squad Fees

Membership squad fees are calculated on an annual basis and must be paid in twelve monthly instalments by Standing Order. Full squad fees are payable regardless of the number of sessions swum each week.  Entry fees to swimming competitions including Club Championship are paid seperately. Members are required to give one months’ notice in writing to the Membership Secretary before leaving the club.