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Time Trials

Liz Taylor

Saturday 2nd October was the first of our Time Trials at St Ives Swimming Club.


Swimmers from all squads took part in a Level 4 meet, to gain new and up to date licensed times.  For some of our swimmers this is the first time they have competed in a licensed meet and others were glad to get the chance to gain new times!  Swimmers supported each other as parents were not allowed to spectate.


Times have been displayed on the website and SISC board on the balcony.


Thank you to everyone, including Cambs County officials, who gave up their Saturday afternoon and evening to enable our swimmers to have this opportunity.


The next Time Trial is Saturday 27th November, you can make new entries or change existing entries up until the deadline of 13th November.  Please ensure you make a payment in to the meets bank account at the time of entry.