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Storming County Development Championships

Liz Taylor

34 Swimmers from St Ives SC competed at Whittlesey Pool on 23 & 24 April against the other Cambridgeshire Swim Clubs at the County's annual development meet for new and emerging swimmers, and a few more seasoned athletes too.  The St Ives Aquanauts performed exceptionally exceeding all expectations and attaining a host of medals in the process too.


To begin with both Keira and Felix qualified for the 'Skins' sprint final where the top 6 fastest male and female athletes from the 100 Individual Medley, battle it out in 50 metre randomly chosen stroke sprints until only 1 remains as winner, Felix swam superbly and finished 4th, Keira battled exceptionally well against other County Club swimmers to emerge supreme as the Female skins sprint champion 2022, a great feat by her and both St Ives athletes.


Great swims & Lifetime best results were also attained by Jack Ballester, Owen Dollard, Lauren Bailey, Maisy Walpole, Edie Lewis, Milly Lewis and Abigail Zajkowski with many of these swimmers finishing in the top 6 placings too. Exceptional results as for many this was their first ever swimming competition and they dug deep, held their nerve and raced magnificently. A superb weekend of competition for all who represented St Ives SC.


Medal Total: 28 Gold/ 18 Silver/15 Bronze (61)

Medals were won by:

Keira Mavin: Gold: 400 Freestyle,

Isla Hamilton: Gold: 50 Backstroke

Hannah Pye: Silver: 50 Backstroke

Tate Taylor: Bronze: 50 Breastroke

Felix Butterworth: Bronze: 50 Breastroke

Barney Edwards: Gold: 50 Breastroke

Tate Taylor, Silver 100 Individual Medley

Felix Butterworth: Gold: 100 Individual Medley

Keira Mavin: Gold: 100 Individual Medley

Lois Cannon: Gold: 100 Individual Medley

Hannah Pye: Silver: 100 Individual Medley

Felix Butterworth: Silver: 100 Freestyle

Barney Edwards: Bronze: 100 Freestyle

Marli Taylor: Bronze: 200 Backstroke

Keira Mavin: Gold: 200 Backstroke

Edie Smith: Silver: 200 Backstroke

Oliver Dickson: Gold: 50 Backstroke

Belle Taylor: Gold: 50 Breastroke

Marli Taylor: Silver: 50 Breastroke

Jasmine Sellens: Bronze: 50 Breastroke

Zara Sparkes: Gold: 50 Breastroke

Lois Cannon: Gold: 100 Breastroke

Marli Taylor: Bronze: 100 Breastroke

Zara Sparkes: Silver: 100 Breastroke

Oliver Dickson: Gold: 100 Breastroke

Barney Edwards: Gold: 100 Breastroke

Lois Cannon: Gold: 100 Freestyle

Anna Desborough: Gold: 100 Freestyle

Oliver Dickson: Silver: 200 Individual Medley

Elliot Megginson: Bronze: 200 Individual Medley

Flo Taylor: Bronze: 50 Freestyle

Isla Hamilton: Gold: 50 Free

Belle Taylor: Silver: 50 Free

Ruby Edwards: Gold: 50 Free

Eloise Palmer: Bronze: 50 Free

Isobelle Moore: Gold: 50 Free

Oliver Dickson: Silver: 50 Butterfly

Alfie Everett: Gold: 50 Butterfly

Barney Edwards: Silver: 50 Butterfly

Keira Mavin: Gold: 'Skins' Sprint Champion

Jasmine Sellens: Bronze: 200 Breastroke

Elliot Megginson: Gold: 200 freestyle

Alfie Everett: Gold: 200 Freestyle

Anna Desborough: Gold: 100 Butterfly

Elliot Megginson: Silver: 100 Backstroke

Elliot Megginson: Silver: 400 Individual Medley

Hannah Pye: Bronze: 200 Individual Medley

Tate Taylor: Gold: 50 Freestyle

Barney Edwards: Silver: 50 Freestyle

Florence Taylor: Gold: 50 Butterfly

Isla Hamilton: Gold: 50 Butterfly

Lois Cannon: Bronze: 50 Butterfly

Hannah Pye: Silver: 50 Butterfly

Olivia Burgess: Bronze: 50 Butterfly

Toby Jones: Silver: 200 Breastroke

Oliver Dickson: Gold: 200 Breastroke

Edie Smith: Bronze: 200 Freestyle

Elliot Megginson: Silver: 100 Butterfly

Oliver Dickson: Bronze: 100 Butterfly

Marli Taylor: Silver: 100 Backstroke

Isobelle Moore: Gold: 100 Backstroke