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Peterborough Open Meet December 2018

Liz Taylor
Over the weekend of 14th-16th December, 50 swimmers from St Ives participated in the City of Peterbough Winter Swim meet, all swam superbly again with many lifetime best swims, medals and County A and Regional Qualifying times achieved, 
44 Medals in total : 8 Gold, 20 Silver and 16 Bronze. Sian Woods, Roise Stevenson, Tiernan Stevenson, Harper Jackson, Millie Taylor, Maisie Taylor, Georgia Sprawson, Tom Sprawson, Anna Gallagher, Lottie Dodge, Ingrid Flynn, Lottie Flynn, Connor Brookes, Georgia Spencer, Elliot Dickson, William Clarke, Libby Woods, Harvey Woods,William Coleman, Max Lucas, Lydia Boag Kwang and Freddie Clark all swam excellently with many top 6 finishes across the board.
James Quinn also swam at the Biggleswade Open Meet the same weekend winning Golds in the 200 Individual Medley, 50 Backstroke, 50 Freestyle and the 50 Butterfly
A great weekend of swimming by all our athletes now brings a very successful 2018 to a close.
The following medals were won:

Georgia Newstead: Gold: 400 freestyle
Connie Newstead: Silver: 400 Freestyle
Joshua Marshall: Bronze: 200 Breastroke
Ruby O Dell: Gold: 400 freestyle
Cathy Thomson, Gold: 100 Freestyle
Amy Coleman: Silver: 100 Freestyle
Toby Offord: Silver: 100 Freestyle
Mia Woods: Gold: 50 Backstroke
Cathy Thomson: Silver: 50 Backstroke
Norbert Kadar: Bronze: 50 Backstroke
Janos Kadar: Gold: 50 Backstroke
Tom Lucas: Bronze: 200 Butterfly
Cathy Thomson: Bronze: 50 Backstroke Senior Final
Anna Freeman: Gold: 100 Breastroke
Joshua Marshall: Bronze: 100 Breastroke
Toby Offord: Silver: 100 Breastroke
Bryn Chapman Strong: Bronze: 100 Breastroke
Ciara Taylor: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Mia woods: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Cathy Thomson: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Francesca Crocker: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Norbert Kadar: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Oliver Dickson: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Luke Tunstall: Bronze: 50 Butterfly
Tom Davis: Silver: 50 Butterfly
Ruby O Dell: Bronze: 200 Backstroke
Janos Kadar: Gold: 200 Backstroke
Ciara Taylor: Silver: Juniors 50 Butterfly Final
Cathy Thomson: Bronze: Seniors 50 Butterfly final
Tom Davis: Silver: Seniors 50 Butterfly Final
Oliver Dickson: Silver: 100 Backstroke
Evan Taylor: Silver: 100 Backstroke
Stanley Clark: Bronze: 100 Backstroke
Ciera Norman: Bronze: 100 Backstroke
Mia woods: Silver: 100 Backstroke
Janos Kadar: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Luke Tunstall: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Toby Offord: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Ciara Taylor: Silver: 50 freestyle
Sophie Turner: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Cathy Thomson: Gold: 50 Freestyle
Amy Coleman: Silver: 50 Freestyle
Ciara Taylor: Bronze: Junior 50 Freestyle Final
Cathy Thomson: Bronze: Senior 50 freestyle Final