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Cambridgeshire County Development Championships

Liz Taylor

An exciting young development team from St Ives Swimming Club participated in the Cambridgeshire County development championships at Whittlesey on 9/10 Nov 19.

They all performed out of their skins gaining a multitude of medals and lifetime best times showing that they are the upcoming future of the Club and district.

Total Medals won: 32

Gold: 10, Silver: 14, Bronze: 8: 32 from a total of 18 athletes

Olivia Mitchell: Gold 400m Freestyle, Silver 100 Breastroke, Bronze: 100 Individual Medley, Silver: 100 Freestyle

Josh Marshall: Bronze: 200 Backstroke

Gracie Ward: Bronze: 50 Backstroke, Gold: 200 Backstroke, Bronze: 100 Individual Medley, Bronze: 200 Breastroke

Felix Butterworth: Bronze: 50 Breastroke, Gold 100 Freestyle

Elliot Nugent: Silver: 50 Breastroke, Silver: 100 Freestyle

Harrison Pearson: Silver: 100 Individual Medley, Silver: 50 Butterfly, Gold: 100 Backstroke

Libby Woods: Gold: 200 Backstroke

Harvey Woods: Gold: 50 Backstroke, Silver 100 Breastroke

Ingrid Flynn: Gold: 50 Breastroke, Bronze: 100 Freestyle

Edie Smith: Silver: 100 Individual Medley

Keira Mavin: Gold 400 Individual Medley

Jasmine Sellens: Silver: 50 Freestyle, Silver: 200 Breastroke, Bronze: 200 Individual Medley, Silver: 50 Butterfly

Isabel Sharp: Silver: 50 Freestyle, Gold 200 Freestyle, Gold: 100 Backstroke

Lydia Boag-Kwong: Silver: 50 Freestyle

Marli Taylor: Bronze: 200 Individual Medley


Great swims and lifetime bests also achieved by Matt Lynch, Isabelle Marshall and Josh Ward during the meet.

The competition has upper cut off times so swimmers who have previously gone faster than these are not eligible under Swim England promoters conditions to enter these events. The idea being that developing swimmers new to the sport can compete at their own championships seperate from the County A Championships in January and February, where they have the chance to compete against their similar peers and gain a love of the sport on an even footing thus bringing on the athletes and Champions of the future, for many this was their first medal won at a competition. A great ethos to instill in our athletes for the next generation.