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Newmarket Open Meet

Liz Taylor

A plethora of medals were won by the athletes in the penultimate team competition before the end of the season, at Newmarket 7th to 8th December

Medal Winners:

Sian Woods Bronze: 200 Individual Medley, Gold: 200 Freestyle

Chloe Butler: Gold: 200 Individual Medley, Gold: 200 Breastroke, Gold: 50 Breastroke, Gold: 100 Freestyle

Oliver Dickson: Gold: 50 Butterfly, Silver: 50 Breastroke, Bronze: 100 Freestyle, Silver: 100 Individual Medley, Bronze: 50 Backstroke, Silver: 50 Freestyle

Luke Tunstall: Bronze: 50 Butterfly, Silver: 200 Butterfly, Silver: 100 Freestyle, Gold: 100 Butterfly, Silver: 50 Freestyle

Tom Davis: Silver: 50 Butterfly, Silver: 100 Backstroke, Silver: 50 Backstroke, Gold: 100 Butterfly

Olivia Mitchell: Silver: 200 Breastroke

Joshua Marshall:Gold: 100 Breastroke, Gold: 50 Breastroke

Harry Everett: Silver: 100 Breastroke

Anna Gallagher: Gold: 50 Butterfly, Bronze: 100 Freestyle, Silver: 50 Freestyle

Maisie Taylor: Bronze: 50 Butterfly, Bronze: 100 Backstroke

Harvey Woods: Bronze: 50 Breastroke, Bronze: 100 Butterfly

Connor Thacker: Silver: 50 Breastroke

Isabel Martin: Bronze: 200 Freestyle

Ewan Desborough: Bronze: 100 Individual Medley, Silver: 100 Butterfly, Bronze: 50 Freestyle

Tessa Quayle: Gold: 50 Breastroke

Anna Freeman: Gold: 50 Breastroke, Silver: 100 Freestyle, Gold: 100 Individual Medley, Gold: 50 Freestyle

Harrison Pearson: Silver 100 Individual Medley

Daniel Moore: Silver: 50 Backstroke, Gold: 200 Backstroke

Mia Woods: Bronze: 100 Individual Medley

46 Medals (15 Golds) from 46 swimmers participating.

Ciara Taylor participated in the Peterborough Open Meet at the weekend where she won the 50 Butterfly event in 29 seconds.

Across the Newmarket Competition Marli Taylor, Henry Cridland, William Clark, Barney Edwards, Kiera Mavin, Millie Taylor, Aidan Potgieter, Alfie Everett, Oliver McNeill, Felix Butterworth, Grace Iddon, Amelia Dunn, Thomas Warren, Josh Bigwood, Isabel Sharp, Leah Basford, Libby Woods, Isobelle Moore, Thomas Sprawson, Caitlyn Brown, Olivia Brown, Lauren Bailey, Hannah Bailey, Emily Quayle, Georgia Sprawson, Lydia Boag-Kwong, and Anna Desborough all swam with distinction and focus to achieve a 90% Lifetime best rate at the competition. A great weekend of outstanding swimming by all the St Ives athletes.