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What to do on the Day of a Meet

  • We encourage all swimmers to wear St Ives swimming hats (see Liz before the day if you do not have one)

  • On poolside swimmers need:
    • 2 towels one for poolside and one for after
    • Plenty of non-fizzy drinks – water or dilute juice (in a plastic bottle)
    • Goggles (preferably a spare pair as well)
    • Warm-up and racing kit (if you have both)
    • Poolside t-shirt
    • Poolside footwear in case you need to leave poolside
    • Poolside shorts (optional)
    • Food – not too much: a small pack of Haribos, a few bite size pieces of flapjack, something small and light to give them a bit of a boost (please note, some pools do not allow food on poolside)

  • If the meet is over a day, swimmers will need lunch between sessions (please, not a big bowl of pasta or too many carbohydrates) – preferably keep it off poolside with someone who is spectating – it is very warm on poolside and it removes the temptation of tucking into lunch before a race.

  • Please make sure swimmers have eaten before coming to a meet – good ideas are bananas, jam sandwich, cereal bar in the car on the way, to stop them being hungry on poolside.

  • We always have poolside managers on poolside as well as coaches.  This gives the coaches chance to watch and talk to swimmers before and after races.  Please remind swimmers to let the poolside manager or team captains know if they go anywhere – i.e. to the loo or leaving.  Poolside manager will keep registers to ensure we know where swimmers are.

  • Please try to stay on poolside with your team and support our swimmers when they are racing. Please do not go to see a parent or spectator unless absolutely necessary. (remember to wear footwear if you do)

  • If you wear poolside kit before the start of your race, do not forget to collect it from behind the blocks after your race

  • Do speak with your coach after your race for feedback

  • Ensure your kit is named and keep it tidy on poolside it is very easy to lose it

  • Parents are responsible for their children when they are not on poolside.  If in the event parents leave swimmers at a meet, please make the poolside manager away and leave a contact number.