Swim Ireland Code for Parents/Guardians

You should help and support the implementation of best practice policies in your child’s/children’s Club by following the code below:

  • Become members of the Club and contribute your time and effort in the daily running of the Club; no

club can operate successfully and safely without the help of volunteers.

  • Understand and ensure your child/children abide by The Code for Young People.

  • Be available for specified duties if and when required; some duties are mandatory and form part of the procedures for safeguarding your children; some will be at the request of the Club. These include Poolside Parents Roster Duties and Gala Official Duties where appropriate.

  • Have an awareness of and respect for Leaders and other adults and their roles within the Club

  • Respect and abide by the decisions made by the Committee and other Leaders, these should be

made in the best interests of the children in the Club.

  • Understand the complaints process and follow the proper procedure if you feel unjustly treated, with

the knowledge that any complaint will be dealt with fairly and confidentially.

  • Know your child’s training and/or competitive programme, and accept it is your responsibility for delivering and collecting your child/children. Parents/guardians should ensure they do not leave their child/children waiting unsupervised at any time.

  • Ensure the environment is safe and enjoyable for your child/children.

  • Promote fair play and the positive aspects of sport.

  • Be a role model for your children and other young people by maintaining the highest standards of

personal conduct and respectful behaviour in any activity related to the Club or Swim Ireland.

  • Allow your child to focus their efforts and success in terms of their goals rather than winning being

the main objective.

  • Promote participation for children that is fun, safe and in the spirit of fair play.

  • Ensure appropriate leaders are informed regarding any absenteeism, medical conditions or other

relevant matters concerning your child.

  • Arrange an appropriate time and place for discussing any matter with leaders and coaches; communication should not take place whilst leaders and coaches are in a position of supervision or responsible for other young people.

  • You should have the opportunity to put forward suggestions and comments.

  • Provide the Club and your child with emergency contact information and to be reasonably available

in case of emergency.

  • Abide by the procedures and policies in Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedure 2010 especially with regard to the use of mobile phones, any type of camera and videoing equipment.

  • Be aware and abide by the Swim Ireland Safeguarding Children Policies and Procedure 2010 and

the rules and constitution of your own Club.