Our Philosophy


Sevenoaks Swimming Club aims to provide an environment for the coaching and development of participants in the aquatic sports of swimming, water polo and synchronised swimming; providing the opportunity, support and encouragement for all of its members to reach their full potential and have fun. The club is fundamentally a competitive club with the majority of its members training to compete in local, county, regional, national and junior international competition.


The club’s participants will develop and demonstrate a high level of self-esteem, sense of responsibility, teamwork, respect, trust, honesty and good sportsmanship - and will be self-motivated to strive to reach their individual potential both in and out of the pool.


The Head Coach, Keiron Piper, strongly believes in the LTAD/OADF (long term athlete development/optimal athlete development framework) models, with the priority for the club’s program being to educate and deliver quality skills and aerobic development.


At all levels, though, we seek to promote the enjoyment of swimming, of setting achievable goals, personal development and the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The aim throughout is to motivate swimmers, to instill a team spirit, and to encourage a life-long love of the sport.


To achieve this Sevenoaks Swimming Club will:

• promote the love of swimming and other aquatic disciplines through hard work - balanced with a fun and motivating environment;

• seek to draw members from all facets of the community;

• encourage participants to be successful at their chosen level;

• guide motivated and capable participants to new levels of achievement;

• promote health by encouraging behaviours that build body, mind and spirit.


and accomplish this by:

• providing the best level of instruction, training and competition for each participant, from novice to expert;

• providing opportunities for positive social interaction and emotional growth;

• promoting continuing professional development for its teaching/coaching staff;

• providing education/training and guidance to parents and volunteers;

• relating to the community the values of competitive aquatic disciplines;

• collaborating with local and national accrediting bodies.


Our club structure facilitates suitable and progressive squads / hours in order to allow each athlete to reach their potential.  We strive to minimise the risk of burnout, teach individuals the values of listening, working hard, respect and personal responsibility within our program.  These qualities not only help form a successful athlete but also a successful human being. 


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