On our website you will find information relating to Sevenoaks Swimming Club. Please feel free to browse our site, but there are some sections that are only accessible by those who have logged in with a club TeamUnify account. 


Our website is maintained by a group of dedicated parent volunteers.  As such, they draft and publish a variety of items and stories on a regular basis.  We're always keen to receive your stories, news items and gala reports for consideration. 


With regards to gala and event reports, we try to publish the full results (or a link to them if possible). Swimmers at the club can access their results via the TeamUnify login link in the website menu bar, or by using the OnDeck app on a smartphone. Gala reports might not necessarily detail every single swim, heat or final that our swimmers compete in but will give a flavour of the event together with some notable efforts. The more parent contributed reports we receive from galas, the more information we have to publish reports on events. You can send gala reports to us here.


Images are published in line with Swim England photographic and child protection guidelines. When joining Sevenoaks Swimming Club, unless specifically notified to the contrary, members agree to the club being permitted to publish images of any or all members on our website and other associated media channels in line with Swim England guidelines.


If you spot an error with a report or news item, please email us in order that we can cross-check the information, correcting any errors or omissions using the details available on the 'Contact Us' page.