Land Training 2021


Before taking part in any online training sessions hosted by the club, or using the resocurces below, we require you to complete the consent form that can be found HERE. 



1) It is the swimmer's responsibility to ensure that they are fit and able to participate in any exercise.


2) During exercise, there is the possibility of physical injury. If a swimmer takes part in any online sessions, or uses any resources provided, they do so at their own risk. For all swimmers aged under 18, adult consent and supervision is required prior to taking part in any session/using our resources.


3) When participating in any exercise:

- Ensure the appropriate attire, including suitable footwear, is worn.

- Ensure there is enough safe space, free of any obstacles or dangers in all directions and the space is well ventilated.

- Always warm up correctly and cool down/stretch afterwards. These are essential, including focusing on technique, to prevent injury. 

- Use an appropriate mat to provide support as necessary.

- Keep hydrated.

- Keep pets and any other distractions away during exercise.


4) Cameras should be turned on and kept on by participants as;

- It allows coach/athlete interaction where the Coach can correct an athletes technique or form throughout exercise;

- In the event of an emergency or accident, the Coach can see something is wrong and contact the swimmers listed Emergency Contact immediately;

- It ensures that the Coach can identify the participants joining the correct session.

- Swimmers should utilise a Zoom background image should they be training in their bedroom.


5) Taking part in any of our online sessions, or using any resources provided, is seen as an acceptance of the conditions above by swimmers and their parents/carers.