Amy Attends National Camp

I was selected for the freestyle Swim England Talent camp at Millfield School just before Christmas with 45 other English 15/16 year old swimmers. We were split into groups, I was put into the 200 freestyle group with 2 other girls and 3 boys. The camp was a very busy four days, with 2 x 2hr swim sessions a day. In addition to the 16 hours of swimming I was also involved in 2 strength and conditioning sessions as well as talks about nutrition, arena skills and psychology of races, a physio screening and a talk from international swimmers (Callum Jarvis and Brodie Williams). I was given loads of advice on how to improve my technique in the pool (through the use of underwater cameras) and my land work (flexibility and pre and post pool). It was a very rewarding camp, I made lots of new friends to talk to in the call room at nationals and it showed me just how much improvement that there is still to make.     Amy Davies