Arena League 2019 - Final Round


We travelled to Dover on what we knew would be a tough relegation battle to stay in Division 1. Going into the gala ranked 5th (out of 6 clubs) we knew we would have to pull out some big swims and work together as a team to stay up, only 3 clubs were guaranteed safety. Despite illness affecting the team with some last-minute changes the team was ready.

At the halfway point in the gala we were in 3rd place but only 4 points separated 2nd- 5th place, the fight was still on. Of the 34 individual events SCSC secured PB’s in 15 of them and of the 50 events in total, on the night won 12. Having a clean sheet (no disqualifications) meant that even when we thought we only scored 1 point for coming 6th we scored 2 through other teams’ errors.

Right up to the final series of relays we were not safe. Some huge swims, safe take overs and enormous amount of cheering brought us to the final 2 squadrons of the evening. The girls managed to secure a win and boys joined forces to produce an amazing 2nd place, sealed the anticipated result.

The final position of 2nd place has secured our position in Division 1. Well done to every swimmer who has taken part in the Arena gala series. As John said on the night, “you have done yourselves and the club proud”