Below is a list of our club rules and policies. 

Splashworld Sharks Swimming club prides itself on our team spirit and the fun we enjoy as swimmers, coaches and parents. This ethos is fundamental to our club, our training, our competitions, our away trips and our behaviour towards all our club members as well as our interactions with other clubs. It is with this in mind that the rules and guidelines set out below hope to ensure all members have equal access to our rules and regulations - most of which have been set out by Swim Ireland.

Competition Code of Conduct for Parents Coaches and Mentors

Parents Should lead by example. The link below keeps a common sense approach to parenting / coaching. We are here for the sport and the fun of it all. 

Sport is not just about sport or winning! It is about learning social skills, making friends, going through the pain and coming out the other side with your team. With the highs come the lows and with the lows comes the learning, the grit and the perseverance.

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Team Captain and Time Keeper Rules

All Gala's require  a Team Captain and timekeepers. Invitational galas may not need timekeepers, however if we send many swimmers to the gala, we may need to provide a couple to help manage the gala.

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Swim Ireland safeguarding Children

This is the link to swim Irelands own site with information on safeguarding children.

Click here for the swim Ireland link

Physical Contact Policy

Swimming club Physical contact policy is attached below.

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Anti Bullying Policy

Splashworld Sharks takes any instances of Bullying very seriously. We pride ourselves in our inclusive club and family focused ethos. Parents and children work together to ensure this policy is adhered to.

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Parents Responsibilities

Parents of swimmers have quite a number of tasks to fulfil. Ensuring swimmers get to the pool, deck duties, timekeeping, committee meetings, Gala duties, planning, fundraising...

and not to mention feeding them !!!!

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Overnight Rules and Away Trips

Splashworld Sharks regularly attends trips / Gala's away - mostly in Limerick, Cork, Wexford and Dublin. Below is a link to our over night rules. These rules are extremely important for the safety and enjoyment of the trip.

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