Parent Responsibilities

Bank Duty is a Swim Ireland requirement; parents are required to sit on poolside as the swimming squad train. Parents should expect to do one Bank Duty per month. It is for:

  • The protection of your children, and the coach.
  • The parent on deck is expected to be aware of what is happening in the swimming session. To assist the coach if a child is sick or injured, always following the guidance of the coach. Which in turn will leave the coach to continue coaching the children.
  • For privacy reasons numbers of parents cannot be given out, therefore parents should swap numbers at the beginning of the year.
  • Call down to Splashworld to meet other parents to make a swap.
  • Swaps have to be arranged by parents themselves.
  • The Bank Duty Rota is available on and also posted on the Sharks notice board mid-month as well as via our Team Unify Site and On Deck App.
  • Parents who have child/children swimming at 7am on Saturday mornings will be expected to do some Saturday morning Bank Duty.
  • All parents will be expected to be available for Bank Duty any night their child swims.
  • Parents with multiple children in the club will be expected to carry out more bank duties per month. Usually one session per child. This can be depending on the duty roster rotation.