Below is a list of qualifying times for the various competition levels

Graded swimming - Grade 1,2,3

Munster, National Swim Ireland times.

Swimming Domestic Competition Plan (2017-2018 Season & Beyond)

See below for the full Swimming domestic plan for the year ahead.

Jon Rudd

National Performance Director (Swimming & Diving) March 2017

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Swim Ireland Competition pathway

The National Performance Director has introduced a new competition pathway which will be implemented in all Regions from September 2017 and will ensure that competitions are streamlined throughout the country. This is a huge step forward and will be a very positive step in Irish Swimming.

This document has been complied by the Swim Ireland Competitions Steering Group in conjunction with the Performance Department and will explain the pathway from the time a swimmer begins their competitive career until they reach National level competition.

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Swim Ireland Regional Squad program

All four regions have historically delivered a Regional Squad Programme targeting the best athletes within their Region. This programme has, in some cases, been aligned to the National Pathway but has operated as a standalone programme in others. The Swim Ireland Performance Team have identified within the V-MOST that an aligned Regional Squad programme is a key tactic in achieving the Performance objectives for 2020 and beyond.

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 Swim Ireland Swim calendar 2017-2018

Here is the current version for the SI calendar 2017-18. Note this may be updated from SI.

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Swim Gala Structure Grade,1,2,3 Qualifying standards.

This document is a very useful information leaflet on all gala structure. Well worth a read for all swimmers and parents attending all levels of galas for the year.

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Swim Ireland Handbook 2016-2017

This hand book contains everything you need to know - for Clubs and coaches

Qualifying times for all national championship events including:

- Irish Open SC National Championships Lisburn 2-4 Dec 2016

- Irish Open LC championships NAC 6-9th April 2017

- Irish Age groups Division 2 Championships  UL 29th June - 2nd July 2017

- Irish Age groups Division 1 Championships NAC 19-23 July 2017

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Gerry Ryan Gala Qualifying times

UL Pool - 21-22nd January 2017.

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Irish Age Group Division 1 Qualifying times

NAC Pool 19th to 23rd July 2017.

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Irish Age Groups Division 2 Qualifing times

UL Pool 29th June to 2nd July

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Irish Open qualifying times

6 - 9th April NAC Pool

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Munster Squad qualifying times

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Sharks Top Times 2016

Here is a list of all swimmers Top swim times from 2016.

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