Values of Stevenage Swimming Club


Core-Values: We follow 5 core values upon which our club ethics are built, helping to install life skills that our athletes can use on poolside, off poolside and outside of the swimming environment. These will lead them to becoming the star athletes we aim for, as a club. In addition to these core values, our swimmers will learn more values and skills through-out their journey, that will help them grow.


1) Unity – Unity gives us a sense of belonging and coming together as one greater force, with the bond of strong family and team values it creates the belief and support that can overcome adversity and achieve recognisable triumphs in the clubs, their personal and team goals.

2) Commitment – We are required to make difficult decisions, when the road to success has obstacles in our way. With the balance of strength and motivation our team can concentrate on putting in hard work, which will breed success and the standard of excellence that we constantly try to achieve within the club.

3) Respect – We must have respect for the competences, feelings, views and rights of ourselves and others. Care and consideration to the treatment of all people with whom we come into contact. No matter if it’s a coach/swimmer/parent from our club or another by respecting others you will gain the trust and loyalty in return.

  • Honesty - We must be truthful and sincere to ourselves and those around us. This builds a strength of character to be trustworthy, loyal, and fair needed for the integrity of the team whether it’s in training, competition or social settings.

4) Resilience - Being resilient means being able to see past the struggles and disappointments that come along over the course of the swim season. And it means being able to understand that you are always going to feel the negative impacts more deeply than the positive impacts.

  • Courage This is our ability to get out in front and do what is right, by believing in ourselves and those around us enough, to push each other to the absolute limits.
  • AmbitionSwimmers at Stevenage Swimming Club are encouraged to have ambition to try reaching or to achieve their goals, during their journey throughout the club.
  • PerseveranceSimilar to ambition, we encourage swimmers to continue their efforts in doing or achieving their goals, despite difficulties, failure, or opposition they may encounter that will block their pathway to reaching these goals.

5) Responsibility - We take pride in controlling our own journey. We do not look for excuses. We do not take the easy route, we appreciate our parent's efforts in allowing us to participate in the sport, and we don't expect them to hold our hand to the end of the journey. But we also appreciate the assistance and support along our journey from our coaches, family members, volunteers and fellow athletes.

  • Discipline - We are all into the culture and values of the club, always giving our best in everything that we do. We are dedicated, determined, and driven because we are passionate about our sport and the club we belong to. We are prepared, resourceful and organised for every training session, competitive and social events.
  • Leadership - Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common objective. During the journey some swimmers are given the role of Junior or Senior team captain. This responsibility is given to those who show the leadership skill whether they help motivate fellow swimmers or give guidance to the younger swimmers developing through the scheme.