Useful information on attending an Open Meet can be found here

How to enter Open Meets

  • Look on website for up and coming galas.

  • Identify the events that you wish to enter.

  • Make sure that the swimmer is eligible to compete in that event.

  • Complete the entry on the website or OnDeck

How Open Meets are run

  • Acceptance list will be issued 2-3 weeks prior to gala.

  • Confirmation of warm up times will be issued along with start times of the first race.

  • Swimmers are REQUIRED to warm up and then should sit with the rest of the team until their swim. See Pool Warm Up document

  • Swimmers will be sent to a Marshalling area where they will be put into heats with other swimmers.

  • Events are swam in time order, dependent upon entry time.

  • Swimmers will be escorted to the starting end of the pool.

  • Races are then swum with times recorded.

  • Once the swimmer has finished, they MUST report back to the coach on poolside for a debrief on their swim.

Club Champs

  • A guide on what to enter can be found here