2022 competition - Sunday 25th September

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Tom Moore was born on 22nd October 1986, the oldest of three children. All three siblings swam for Stevenage Swimming Club from a very young age until going on to university, in Tom’s case until he went to the University of East Anglia. During the holidays he came back and swam at Stevenage. Tom was friendly and popular young man who always had time for a chat with everybody and had a great many friends at the club.

Tom was also a qualified mountain leader and in summer of 2008 he was asked to accompany a group of scouts from Hertfordshire County on a expedition to Liechtenstein. On the last day of the expedition Tom went off for a walk in the mountains and sadly never returned. He had met with an accident and fallen into a ravine.

In Tom’s memory our novice gala, which is held every autumn, was re-named the Tom Moore Memorial Novice Gala. Stevenage Swimming Club also designed a trophy – The Tom Moore Tiger Trophy – which is presented at the gala to a young swimmer who has “stood out” at the event. Recipients are not necessarily the fastest swimmers on the night, but are chosen by Tom’s family who always attend the event to the swimmer they feel has shown the most endeavour.

Winners of the Tom Moore Tiger Trophy

2008 Kieran Watkins
2009 Jessica Farrow
2010 Sam Philpott
2011 George Nash
2012 Laura Stephens
2013 Akash Shah
2014 Francis Mann
2015 Catherine Haddleton
2016 Aaron Guevan
2017 Darcie Waller
2018 Jamie Haddleton
2019 Elijah Storti
2020 No competition
2021 Jasmine Hunt
2022 Maya Wagner