2022 Development Meet

Open Meet Stevenage SC

Development Meet 2022

So that’s another one ticked off of our comeback trail this year, Dev Meet! And all I can think to write is wow! Had absolute goosebumps walking in to the pool from our Official’s briefing, it was tremendous to see so many supporters in the gallery and smiling faces around the pool, it really was. Thank you so much to all of you for supporting the event, to our coaching team, volunteers and officials for making it happen, but most importantly to our fantastic young swimmers for giving their all and making the most of the opportunity.

From Andy

Chair Stevenage SC


We had 210 swimmers poolside from 7 clubs. 

Many thanks to Borehamwood, Bushey, Hitchin, Hertford, Hoddesdon, Ware and Welwyn Garden for attending bringing their swimmers and supporters, coaches and officials.

The medal count across boys and girls