General Overview

• Where car-pooling or public transport is being used individuals should take protective measures such as wearing face coverings.

• A register of attendance is required for every session for contact tracing and safeguarding purposes. This will kept by the coach on duty using our Ondeck app. They will also have access to emergency contact details for all participants.

  • Clubs must have a COVID-19 Officer on duty at every training session. This will also be the parent in attendance.

Declaration form and proof of immunity

• All club members attending training sessions, including athletes, coaches, COVID-19 officer, persons of duty etc. are required to complete and return the updated declaration form to their club by Friday 17th September, to enable clubs to best plan their ongoing training programme. This is a once off form that will remove the requirement for daily self-report screening forms.  Click here to fill out the form. 

Face Coverings 

 • Face coverings are not recommended for children under the age of 13, but some children may choose to wear one.

• Any individual (13 years +) entering a facility should wear a face covering until they are ready to commence training.

• All persons on deck to wear face coverings until all participants have entered the water.

• Participants should wear a face covering if leaving the pool to use the toilet etc. 

  • It is recommended that participants bring a small zip lock or clip seal bag with their name printed on to store their face covering whilst in the pool.

Club Activity (Swimming)

Under 18’s
• Social distancing should be maintained when swimmers are not engaged in activity, i.e., while on poolside, changing rooms etc.
• Social distancing is not required whilst in the swimming pool for this age group. 
• Personal training equipment should not be shared with others and should be clearly
• Shared equipment such as diving blocks should be cleaned between swimmers using them (chlorinated water will suffice).


 The following protocols are effective from 20th September until 21st October.

• No Regional or National Competitions with more than 50 entrants will take place prior to 22nd October 2021.

• No inter club or open club competitions with more than 50 entrants may take place prior to 22nd October 2021, if this is agreed with the facility.

• A revised season plan has been issued to the regions and updated on the Swim Ireland website.

• Clubs may run in house skills challenges/time trials from September 20th 2021, in line with club activity protocols above.


Facility Guidance

General • Most risk in facility/pool setting is linked to time spent out of the pool (arrival, registration, changing, showering, exiting etc.) compared to time spent in the pool. Clubs and individuals should minimise their time out of the pool, limit interactions, remove potential for congestion etc.

• Where possible, a one-way system should be implemented for transit through the facility (facility dependent)

• Access to changing rooms is permitted, with protective measures in place, such as wearing face coverings and maintaining social distancing (facility dependent)

• Spectators are permitted up to 60% capacity with appropriate protective measures for individuals with proof of immunity (facility dependent).

Entry and exit

• Clubs should formulate a staggered entry and exit system with their participants.

• Sufficient buffer time should be planned between different participants entering & exiting facility. • Adhere to social distancing requirements on entry and exit.

• Avoid loitering or congregating at facility entrance.

• On entry & exit, individuals should use the hand sanitizer provided.