• Every swimmer, PIA and coach MUST register on the Swim Ireland Covid app before every session, on the day of the session - accessible here https://swimireland.oqlist.co.uk

  • Swimmers can check in on their own phone. It is advisable for swimmers and parent adds the link to the homescreen of their phone.

  • This QR code can also be scanned which will bring the person directly to the registration portal. 

  • PIAs will take attendance via a specific portal on the Swim Ireland web app.

This requires a special login and password available at this google doc link (only accessible by parents who have completed Covid officer training) -http://https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PFrLvklprydr5PaWegGQDl4UtxyGxAMRfnonRhSTQSc

Contact details for each swimmer are also available at the link. This login and password will not change.

2. You must do the COVID officer training - link is here  https://www.swimireland.ie/membership/covid-19-return-to-water

3. Click here for PIA Duties https://uk.teamunify.com/team/sscie/controller/cms/admin/index#/website-design


Facilities Protocols as of September 2020

Leisureland Protocols 

  • Arrive 15 minutes before training starts
  • No parents in the facilities other than the PIA
  • Athletes to arrive ready for training.  Swimwear should be put on before leaving home.
  • Changing rooms will not be used, proceed through the changing area and change at the side of the pool.
  • Athletes must bring their own water bottle(s), which should be filled in advance.
  • Athletes must bring their own equipment; no sharing of equipment is permitted.
  • After training, athletes must change at the side of the pool, exit through the changing area and shower at home.

4. NUIG Protocols ( as of September 21st 2020)

Swim PIA/Club Covid Officer (CCO) comes to reception ten minutes before club training time and requests the club record folder
CCO remains in reception area and brings swimmers through the glass entrance gate, ensuring that swimmers sanitise hands on arrival and remain socially distant as they move along corridor
Swimmers should arrive beach ready where possible
Swimmers proceed straight to the changing village without congregating
Swimmers use Male/Female Changing rooms at the back of the changing village if required to get changed and showered, ensuring that they remain 2m apart from others getting changed
Where a 2m distance between swimmers cannot be maintained, the use of face masks in the changing room is recommended
Swimmers bring their belongings to poolside for the duration of the session, no bags or belongings are to be left in the changing rooms
After the swim session, swimmers return to the Male/Female changing rooms to change and shower. Again, face masks are recommended if a 2m distance to others cannot be maintained.
Swimmers should exit the changing rooms within 15 mins
Swimmers exit along the corridor and sanitise hands on exit
Record of session attendance retained by CCO for future use if required


5. Renmore Protocols 

  • Arrive 15 minutes before training starts
  • No lockers available
  • No parents in the facility other than PIA
  • No showers at the changing rooms
  • Swimmers come ready to swim.