Fees for Term 1 September - December 2021

The Table of Fees below does not include the obligatory annual Swim Ireland Fee.

Swim Ireland Fees are paid directly by the club to Swim Ireland and these fees cover the swimmers' insurance while swimming.

Members that fail to pay these fees may not be able to swim.


Term 1 Fee*











Orange A


Orange B


Orange C


Orange C.2 (Beginners Now known as Green))


For the term fee - apply a 10% discount to the total family term fee where there are 3 swimmers in a family.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR PAYMENT: Please lodge the total fee including Swim Ireland fee to :

 IBAN - IE70BOFI90384073590857 with surname and squad in the narrative.

Email [email protected] with date & amount of lodgement.


Swim Ireland Competitive Member Fees per annum (9 and over)


Swim Ireland Non –Competitive Member Fees

(under 9s)

First Family Member Fee = €45.00


First Family Member Fee = €27

Second Family Member = €38.00


Second Family Member = €23

Third and additional family members = €34.00


Third and additional family members

= €20