Swim Ireland Covid Requirements

We're delighted to have Shark swimmers back in the water, and we're working closely to the Swim Ireland guidelines to keep everyone safe. As well as observing social distancing, the following are required:

1. COVID-19 Self Reporting Screening Form

This form must be completed by all swimmers, all coaches and the PIA for EVERY session. If this form is not filled in, your swimmer will not be allowed to attend the session.  Forms for an upcoming session can be filled out starting at  23.59hrs of the start of the session, up to 2 hours before the start of the session. The form is linked here:https://forms.gle/FQiAa8PFeLuEoFzK6

2. COVID-19 Training for Parents (PIA requirement)

      Every PIA (Parent in Attendance) must become a COVID-19 Officer - which means one member of every family must complete this training.  This is a free online training course offered by Swim Ireland, which you must book and attend to complete the training requirement. I
  For parents who have yet to complete COVID-19 Training please seehttps://swimireland.azolve.com/workbench/public/events?subCategory=Virtual%20Training&category=Members%20and%20Clubs




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By Club Secretary Shark SC


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Before joining, swimmers must be assessed. 

We hold assessments in August, December and Easter. 

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email: sharkclubdevelopment@gmail.com

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