Change in Covid and Parent in Attendance protocol

Club Secretary Shark SC

As of 20th September, we no longer have to complete a Covid Check-in before each session. 

Instead, all club members attending training sessions, including athletes, coaches, PIA are required to complete a once off Declaration firm 

Click here to fill out the form. 

The role of the Parent in attendance has now changed.

  • They no longer have to take attendance, this is now done by the coach, but they must ensure that the coach does this via the Ondeck app.
  • They must arrive before the swimmers and let them in the facility.
  • Find an alternative in the event they are not able to attendRemain with the coach until all the young people are collected.
  • Be in full view of the pool during the session.
  • Be aware of children leaving and returning to the pool, e.g. a child should return to the pool after visiting the toilet.
  • Take note of any problems that occur – send an email to [email protected] with any issues.
  • All swimmers contact details are available to the coach on the Ondeck app if needed in cases of illness or emergency or in the event the session is cancelled.
  • In cases of emergency, help the coach/teacher by being an extra adult to supervise children or to assist with a response to the emergency.