Upcoming Schedule Changes

Club Secretary Shark SC

Sunday, March 13th NUIG session cancelled ( LC Training in UL) Black, Silver, Blue and White 

Thursday, March 17th Renmore session cancelled Black and Silver

Saturday, March 19th  Leisureland session cancelled Black, Silver, Blue and White

Saturday, March 26th NUIG both sessions cancelled All Green ( time trial in LL)

                                   Renmore 1230 session cancelled Yellow ( time trial in LL)

                                   Ocean Fitness 4 pm session cancelled Orange B (time trial in LL)

Friday, Ocean Fitness April 1st Friday Black, Silver, Blue

Saturday, Leisureland April 2nd Saturday Black, Silver, Blue and White

Sunday, NUIG, April 3rd, Black, Silver, Blue and White 

Monday, Leisureland, April 4th, Black Silver and Blue 


No sessions for all squads

Saturday 16th April

Sunday 17th April 



Saturday, March 26th

White and Blue will train in Renmore 1230 session 

 Silver and Black  will train in Ocean Fitness 4pm session



Training will take place in Leisureland at 545pm-715pm

Friday 25th March



UL for Black, Silver and Blue Squads

Sunday, March 13th


1400-1530 ( Yellow and White) 

Sunday, May 1st   10.00 -11.45 and 14.00 -15.30

Sunday, Jun 5th    10.00 -11.45 and 14.00 -15.30