Parent in Attendance


2023 November PIA Schedule 

2023 December PIA Schedule

No person on duty is a breach of Swim Ireland rules. If a person on duty does not turn up, the coach must ensure the safety of the young people and themselves; this may mean cancelling the session unless a replacement is found. The person on duty who did not turn up may be subject to disciplinary action by the club. 

The PIA is an adult required by Swim Ireland rules to oversee coaching sessions to reduce risks and ensure someone is on hand for any emergency that might arise.

Duties of PIA

- Designated PIA is responsible for finding a replacement if they cannot attend the session

- Arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time and position themselves near the entrance
- Stay visible to the entire pool during the session and have full view and hearing of the pool area
- Confirm that attendance records are being kept by the coach using the OnDeck app
- Keep an eye on swimmers leaving and returning to the pool
- Any c oncerns the PIA may have should be brought to the coach in charge of the session and, if needed,  email [email protected] as a record and ask for it to be forwarded to  the Children’s Officer
- Obtain parent contact details from the coach's OnDeck account if needed
- Assist the coach/teacher in case of an emergency
- Make sure all swimmers leave their phones with their parent/carer or are turned off in the changing area
- The person on duty is required to remain until all the young people ( under 12)  have been collected. Any parent persistently arriving late or being delayed picking up their child/children should be reported to the coach or the committee – this is a breach of the code of conduct and should be dealt with accordingly