Parent in Attendance

PIA Rota May - June 2023


Role of PIA

Please note: parents must stay with swimmers 12 and under until the PIA/coach shows up

PIA DUTIES The person scheduled to be on duty must:

  •  Find an alternative in the event they are not able to attend; it is the responsibility of the person scheduled to be on duty to do this

  • Turn up before swimmers arrive and allow swimmers into the session

  • Remain with the coach until all the young people are collected

  •  Be in full view of the pool

  • Ensure an attendance record for the session is kept – this will be kept with the coach so check that this is done

  • Be aware of children leaving and returning to the pool, e.g. a child should return to the pool after visiting the toilet

  • Take note of any problems that occur – send an email to [email protected] with any issues

  • All swimmers' contact details are available to the coach on the Ondeck app if needed in cases of illness or emergency or in the event the session is cancelled

  • In cases of emergency, help the coach/teacher by being an extra adult to supervise children or to assist with a response to the emergency


Phone Use: 16th MArch 2022
All athletes must leave their phone with their parent/carer, at home or, if they need to have their phone (for safety reasons), their phone must be turned off before entering the changing area and may only be switched back on once they are outside the changing area.  Any phone in their possession should not be visible or accessible in the changing area.. This is now regarded as a rule within the Club and anyone breaching this rule will be subject to immediate disciplinary action by the person in charge or through a disciplinary process.

It is a breach of Swim Ireland rules not to have a person on duty for Swim Ireland sessions, either pool or dry land activities.

If a person on duty does not turn up the coach should take the best courses of action to ensure the safety of the young people and themselves, this may mean cancelling the session unless a replacement is found.

The person on duty who did not turn up may be subject to disciplinary action as per Swim Ireland guidance.