If you are PIA:


This requires a special login and password available at this google doc link (only accessible by parents who have completed Covid officer training) CLICK HERE
Contact details for each swimmer are also available at the link. This login and password will not change.


If Swimmers haven’t registered, ask them to check in with their phone. 

If button "Verify" by the name of club participant appears red, it means that the participant has not been cleared to take part in club activity and therefore should be refused entry

Only attendees at the club for that day are shown by default. 

Multiple people can update the “Verify” status on separate phones if needed 

You can only see the data for your club when you login.  

Upon verification, the date and time when the button is pressed are stored in case it is needed later.  

As always:

You must be there 20 minutes before the scheduled swim time.

Please arrive wearing a mask and keep it on for the duration.

Know the rules of the facilities and inform the children.

 Do NOT allow late arrivals.

 There is a Shark kit box in each venue. This contains extra masks and wipes

If a swimmer becomes unwell 

Make contact with the venue Covid Officer to escort the swimmer immediately to the designated Covid Isolation Room and follow all of their instructions regarding distancing and use of PPE​

 PIA contacts the parent –  coaches have parent contact details and they are available in Shar's google doc.

 Inform the lead Covid Officer by email to [email protected]

When the session is over, oversee the exit from the facility and when necessary remind swimmers to maintain distance at all times.

Any other issues/ questions please email [email protected] or [email protected]