1. PIA/CCO Arrives 15 minutes before session time. The PIA gets key at reception to unlock doors for Male/Female changing rooms.
2. Attendees can enter 10 minutes before their session time where they are met by the PIA/CCO at reception, they proceed straight to the changing village without congregating.
3. Swimmers use Male/Female changing rooms at the back of the changing village only.
4. Swimmers bring their belongings to poolside for the duration of the session, no bags or belongings are to be left in the changing rooms.
5. PIA is to lock changing rooms once Swimmers are going onto pool deck and return the key to reception if there is another club in after their session, if there is no other club in after the PIA of this group keeps the key. Please ask at reception if there is another club scheduled.
6. If there is no other club scheduled after the swim session ends PIA re-opens changing room, swimmers return to the Male/Female changing rooms to change and shower.
7. Swimmers should exit the changing rooms within 15 minutes.
8. It is the responsibility of the PIA/CCO to ensure that NGB Health & Safety protocols are followed at all times.