1.  Every swimmer, PIA and coach MUST complete and submit the online "Self-reporting Covid form" before every session    https://forms.gle/FQiAa8PFeLuEoFzK6

  2.  If there is more than one club session on any given day - only one submission is required

  3. It is the PIA's responsibility to check if the swimmers have submitted the Covid form.How to do this?

    1. The PIA must access the list of swimmers who have submitted the form via this google document https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/3/d/1PFrLvklprydr5PaWegGQDl4UtxyGxAMRfnonRhSTQSc/htmlview#gid=98952462

    2. The PIA can print this out or the form can be accessed on your phone.

    3. There is no requirement to take attendance - Coaches do this via the on deck app.

    4. If the swimmer hasn’t filled out the "online Covid Self reporting form", and the parent is there, the parent can fill it out right then on their phone.

    5. If the swimmer hasn’t filled out the online form, and the parent is not there, the PIA can call the parent and ask the parent to fill out the form right then. If this cannot be done, then the swimmer cannot be allowed into the facility and must return home. 

    6. Phone numbers for all parents available via link at (1) above.

  4. You must be there 20 minutes before the scheduled swim time.

  5. Please arrive wearing a mask and keep it on for the duration.

  6. Know the rules of the facilities and inform the children.

  7.  Do NOT allow late arrivals.

  8.  There is a Shark kit box in each venue. This contains extra masks, wipes

  9. If a swimmer becomes unwell the following steps are critical

How to access the Database for the first time 

  • You will receive an email subject: “Shark SC Activity Participants List (Activity Date Filter Applied) - Invitation to view”

  • If you didn't receive this email contact sharkmembership@gmail.com

  • Follow the link in the email 

  •  Log on using your Google Account credentials / or follow Google instructions on how to get access to the document shared with your email

  •   Click on the “Shark SC Activity Participants List (Activity Date Filter Applied)”

  •    This spreadsheet lists the cleared participants (swimmers, coaches and Covid-19 Officers/PIAs) for the day​ - this is the list you use to allow swimmers into the session.

  • If they have not filled it out they are not allowed in. 

  • Please note there are multiple sessions a day - you only need to look for the swimmers at your session

  The “Shark SC Activity Participants List (Activity Date Filter Applied)” sheet has restricted access - only logged user who was invited/the document was shared with can view it

       Any other issues/ questions please email sharkmembership@gmail.com or sharkcovid19officer@gmail.com