Parents, this roster will be published at the start of each month and circulated by email.  It is your responsibility to update your own personal calendar, diary  etc.

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Date Day Leisureland  Ocean Fitness Renmore NUIG Land Training  S & C Yoga
01/03/2020 Sunday Cai     Cugaji     Boyle - BLK  + BX
02/03/2020 Monday Currie     Banks      
03/03/2020 Tuesday Baltruszwicz            
04/03/2020 Wednesday Whelan         Aimee  
05/03/2020 Thursday Ashton   Cal/Iona        
06/03/2020 Friday Fitz-O'Brien Liptrot     Whelan Niall  
07/03/2020 Saturday

Mooney Conor 6-7

Keane 7-8

Dickson Joyce C Casserly Boyle   Joyce C
08/03/2020 Sunday Cancelled     Jennings      
09/03/2020 Monday McCarthy     Coll      
10/03/2020 Tuesday Connery            
11/03/2020 Wednesday Surdulli         Niall  
12/03/2020 Thursday Ashton   Cal/Iona        
13/03/2020 Friday Gaughan Clarke     Kearns Aoife  
14/03/2020 Saturday

Cunningham 6-7

Loughlin 7-8

Monaghan Kenny Lynch Griffin    
15/03/2020 Sunday Cancelled     Lennon      
16/03/2020 Monday Kalcow     Cullina      
17/03/2020 Tuesday McCormac            
18/03/2020 Wednesday Nemnasevs         Adrianna  
19/03/2020 Thursday Naughton   Imogen        
20/03/2020 Friday Kelly K Daly E     Jennings Aimee  
21/03/2020 Saturday

Healy 6-7

Henihan 7-8

O'Connor Cillian Mulry McCarthy Liptrot   Mulry
22/03/2020 Sunday Connaughton     Boyle     O'Donnell BLK  + BX
23/03/2020 Monday Smyth     Donald      
24/03/2020 Tuesday Monaghan            
25/03/2020 Wednesday Lennon         Aoife  
26/03/2020 Thursday Joyce N   Joyce N        
27/03/2020 Friday McGlue Kelly Aimee     Whelan Cal/Iona  
28/03/2020 Saturday L. O'Connor  6-7 Turner 7-8 Roche C Whelan O'Donnell Fia Roclawska    
29/03/2020 Sunday Daly A     Griffin     Welby BLK + BX
30/03/2020 Monday Surdulli     Gallagher      
31/03/2020 Tuesday Tannian