The list of swim gear required for training and competition is listed in the table below. 

This equipment can be purchased from online. 

Our Head coach Trevor would like our members to have the following items:

1. Club cap
2. Club Tee-shirts 

To order club gear please use this form. This order will be sent to Swimkit on Friday December 31st 2021.

We also have newly designed Shark gear. 

Our first order will be taken on Sat 18th December in Leisureland by Trudie.

Please note, prepayment is required for this order. 


Top: €35, Pants: €20 and Beanie is €10

Hoodie & Pants Sizes
Junior: 4/5 years and go to 12/13

Senior: XS and up to 5XL 
Pants can be skinny or regular style.