Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Scottish Swimming and therefore DASC, is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion, and the principles and practice of equality of opportunity for all. We fully believe that our aquatic sports provide “sport for all”.  They can and should be made accessible to everyone, to the greatest extent possible. The Scottish Swimming equality policy can be found here.

An Equality Action Plan continues to be worked on, to help Scottish Swimming promote, implement and monitor the activities of the governing body and its members in raising the awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion in aquatic sports. 

The Scottish Swimming Policies and guidelines for Transgender and non-binary individuals can be found here:

1) Guidance document:  Participation Training Guidance for Trangender and non-binary individuals 

2) Competition Policy:  Competition Information for Transgender and non-binary individuals

3) Frequently Asked Questions:  To support with Aquatics transgender and non-binary guidance and policy documents