Our History

In 1888 Stowmarket Swimming Club came into existence with the opening of the first swimming pool in Woodfield Lane, Stowmarket. The swimming area was created by a type of dam to form a pool in the River Rat. Even though it was part of a river, it was still very popular and boasted a strong Swimming Club in spite of the fact that the mud had to be cleaned off the bottom every few years to make it more pleasant for the swimmers. The pool, known locally as the Bathing Place, was open all year round and even for dips on Christmas Day.

The open air Swimming Pool opened in 1937 off Ipswich Road. The pool was 33 yards long, with a water depth ranging from 3ft to 9ft 6ins and with 3ft, 10ft and 15ft diving boards.

The Club had a good membership and was well supported at home galas. After most galas a water polo match was played, and on cold evenings leg cramp was rife amongst the players. The pool opened each season from May to September and despite this short season, the Club was strong and well supported up to the closure of the pool in 1985.

In 1986, after nearly 100 years, the Club moved for the third time, this time though, it was indoors and at the Mid-Suffolk Leisure Centre with first class facilities of a 25m deck level training and competition pool, and additional teaching and splash pools. The Club now has a membership of more than 200 enthusiastic swimmers.