Stowmarket Swimming Club needs your help

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Stowmarket Swimming Club needs your help. We need to purchase new track start diving blocks. We had planned to purchase these in early 2020 however Covid stop us. 


Please visit our Crowdfunding page and watch the video, find out more and donate what you can.


We are in the process of seeking a grant to match your donations into the crowdfunding page. As soon as we know the outcome we will let you know. 


We understand not everyone is in the position to donate money. Please do spread the word even if you can not donate. A few shares on your social media accounts could turn out to be even more valuable than you think! 


I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in getting crowdfunding page started but especially to:

Sylvia & Shaun for staring in the video. They did a fantastic jobs explaining why we need these blocks.

The younger stars of the video Ronnie, Matt and Mary. Thank you! 

Kimberley for helping with filming & the last min rush for ‘rewards’ 

Ashia, Kimberley and Emma for their very generous donations.