Covid-19: Statement from Suffolk County ASA

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Coronavirus statement from Suffolk County ASA

Coronavirus Statement – Saturday 21st March 2020
An emergency video conference call meeting of the Suffolk County ASA Management Board was held today.
Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that this is extremely difficult times for all concerned and fully appreciate the pressure and uncertainty this has place on all swim clubs.
Therefore, the Management Board have agreed to the following additional measures which hopefully give some certainty in this period –
• Suffolk Development Meet 2020 – this was planned for June but has now been cancelled
• County Camps 2020 – these have also been cancelled for the whole year. All monies paid for these will be returned to the relevant swimmers as soon as we can arrange
• Summer League 2020 – cancelled
• Suffolk Water Polo Tournament 2020 - cancelled
• County Open Water Championships 2020 – cancelled
We appreciate that it is huge disappointment that we are having to cancel these competitions but have no real option in the current climate. Obviously, the county will continue to monitor how things develop over the next few months to see if anything can be rearranged at a later date.
We are also aware at the concerns within the county of the announcement from British Swimming over the changes to the qualifying criteria for National events – we have agreed that the county will write to British Swimming to raise these queries and concerns.
Officials – please note that a ‘common sense’ approach will be applied to any officials currently part way through their training or looking to start training. Any timescales laid out at present will be extended as required once we have clearer idea of how long the shutdown for aquatic activity will be. Anyone
interested in applying to become an official are encouraged to register on the new online JL1 course.
We are also aware that this will be tough times for all clubs within the county and are looking at ways we can help and support you during this difficult time. We are aware that several clubs are looking to reduce their monthly fees in the short term to keep some income coming in and more importantly, keep contact with the dedicated athletes we have in our sport.
If clubs have any concerns or queries, please feel free to contact either –
• Ian Cotton – Chairman – [email protected] or 07715 118639
• Chris Vinter – Secretary – [email protected]
Once we are aware of any further guidance from Swim England, we will endeavour to share this with clubs directly and through our website.
Finally, we know that the county is full of dedicated athletes, coaches, administrators and volunteers that will do everything they can to get us through this unprecedented time and make sure we can all come back stronger in the future.
We hope you all stay safe and well.
Ian Cotton