Supporting swimmers across the Wakefield district

City of Wakefield Swimming Club Training Scheme

Squad Exit Criteria

General Squad Expectations

  • Be punctual – Arrive on poolside on time for each session
  • Be prepared to listen to the coach and work effectively. Instruction and Feedback is given for your benefit.
  • Meet the training requirements as specified by the coach. Training sets are planned to allow you to achieve YOUR goals and objectives
  • Be respectful to the coaching staff, other swimmers, and parents
  • Remain positive, if you have a concern, talk to one of the coaching staff
  • Enter ALL designated club competitions


Squaddies Exit Criteria

  • 3+ sessions per week with commitment to take on additional sessions
  • Be able to swim 25m of Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke legally
  • Be able to perform legal turns on all 4 strokes
  • Good underwater skills (i.e. streamlining) when pushing from every wall
  • Less than 150m missed per session
  • Begin to use pace clocks, understanding when to set off.


Swim Skills B Exit Criteria

  • 3+ sessions per week
  • Ability to swim all four strokes with good technique
  • Good use of transition kicks during underwater phase
  • Missing less than 100m per session
  • Good use of the clocks using various interval patterns
  • Aspirations of attaining Yorkshire times
  • 45x50 Freestyle @ 1:05, 1:00, 0:55


Swim Skills A Exit Criteria

  • High Attendance (85%+)
  • Basic understanding of Pacing (A1, A2, AT)
  • Understanding of the correlation between DPS, Stroke Rate, Stroke Length
  • Ability to swim all four strokes with good technique and efficiency
  • Missing less than 50m per session on a regular basis
  • Good use of the clocks and understanding of rest intervals for different types of pacing’s
  • High Competition attendance with times across all events
  • Working towards specific agreed goals and targets set with the coach
  • Use and timing of streamline, fly kick & transition kick
  • 45x50 Freestyle @ 1:00, 0:55, 0:50


*Whilst this is an overview of squad criteria discretion as to squad allocation will lie with the Head Coach