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City of Wakefield Swimming Club 

Safeguarding Policy Statement 

City of Wakefield Swimming Club is committed to providing an environment in which all children participating in  its activities have a safe and positive experience. 

In order to achieve this City of Wakefield Swimming Club agrees to: 

Adopt and implement Wavepower the Swim England Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures in full. 

Recognise that all children participating in activities regardless of their age, gender, race, faith, sexual  orientation and ability have the right to enjoy their involvement in our sports in a safe environment and  be protected from harm. 

Ensure that all individuals who work or volunteer with children in our organisation provide a positive,  safe and enjoyable experience for children. 

Appoint a Welfare Officer with the necessary skills and training as outlined in Wavepower who will take  the lead in dealing with all child safeguarding matters raised within the organisation.  

Ensure that the Welfare Officers’ name and contact details are known to all staff, members and  parents/guardians of members that are under 18. 

Ensure that all individuals who work with children in the organisation have undertaken the appropriate  training, have had the relevant DBS checks and adhere to Wavepower and the Regulations of our sports. 

Ensure that all individuals who will be working or will work with children in either a paid or voluntary role  have been recruited in accordance with the Safe Recruitment Policy contained in Wavepower. 

Ensure that all individuals who work with children in the organisation have received the appropriate  training for their role and been provided, understand and adhere to the requirements of the Codes of  Conduct and Wavepower. 

Provide all members of the organisation and parents/guardians of members under 18 with the  opportunity to raise concerns in relation to a child’s welfare in a safe and confidential manner. 

Ensure that all child safeguarding matters, whether they be concerns about child welfare or protection,  are dealt with appropriately in accordance with the guidance for reporting and action in Wavepower. 

Ensure that confidentiality is always maintained and in line with the best interests of the child. Ensure all information relating to child safeguarding matters are held safely and securely. 

Provide a male/female Welfare Officer where preference is requested. Should this be a requirement  the Welfare Officer will work with individuals independently. If support is required by the Welfare Officer  in charge then another Officer will be involved.  

City of Wakefield Safeguarding and Welfare Officer 

Helen Jenkinson 

For all enquiries relating to safeguarding please contact: [email protected]