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Temporary training fees

All Squads: £32

Training fees paused due to change to training schedual and pool location. Please see above. Annual membersip fees still apply.


Monthly fees from October 2021


Top Squad and A Squad


Masters, Juniors and B squad



Plus yearly Swim England Insurance MEMBERSHIP Feb 2022:

Category 1: £22.50

Category 2 : £42.00

Category 3: £10.00

Multi Claim: £11.00

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) requests a membership payment from each individual Swimmer, Coach, Teacher, and Member of the Club Committee or Parent Helper.  The payment is an insurance fee to cover the cost should an individual get hurt or sustain any long term injury as a result of swimming.

In order to ensure the ASA can give the correct insurance cover to each swimmer they have introduce certain categories, it was their intension to make it easier for parents and swimmers alike to understand, however in our experience it causes the most confusion.

Brief Explanation with reference to each category

Category 1:

The individual swimmer will be attending swimming club training sessions as a club member and will be invited to enter in Non ASA Regulated home galas or fun galas hosted by other clubs. They will not be eliible to swim in ASA County and Open Events.

Category 2:

The individual swimmer will be attending club training sessions as a club member and be eligible to enter County and Open events as an when they arise (published on the notice board).

Category 3:

This category is for ALL persons who assist at the club in any way at all, i.e. time keeping, attending meetings, assisting at club championships or open meeting.  It allows anyone who helps to be covered under the same insurance policy and criteria as the swimmers.

The payment changes yearly as with most things and very rarely goes down. The payment is very important for all categories especially Category 3, as we rely on parents to assist with the day to day running of the club and encourage them to be club members as security for themselves.

Multi Claim Membership:

If you regularly swim at an additional club as well Bude then you must complete a multi club Category 2 form.

As we are sure you are all aware Sharks Swimming Club has become a freestanding club since the demise of NCDC and as such the committee have been working to find the best long term solution in relation to the cost of swimming sessions for club members.

With the club in its infancy as a standalone organisation it has been a steep learning curve for all concerned and although we had initially devised a scheme, where the amount each swimmer would pay each month would be determined by the number of times that swimmer intended to train in a week, this has proved very difficult to administer and could have led to a financial loss for the club.

As a result, and following detailed discussions and examination of projected costs for the year, we introduced a scheme whereby each member pays a monthly subscription in order to swim with Bude Sharks. This subscription would allow the member to swim at any of the club sessions during the week which are appropriate to their ability level and would guarantee the club's financial stability each month.

Forms for standing orders will be available from any committee member - and this is the method of payment the club would recommend as it makes it easier for us to administer and therefore less expensive. A standing order also means the member will not need to worry about remembering repayment each month. Payment can also be made by cheque - a letter box will be available at Splash where cheques can be posted before the beginning of each month.

Bude Sharks is committed to providing appropriate coached swimming sessions for all members who wish to either compete for the club or simply improve as swimmers and the committee hope that the introduction of a monthly subscription scheme will help to foster the notion of Bude Sharks as a separate club - and not simply an extension of Bude Splash. Members swimming ability and fitness are also sure to improve if they are making a commitment to the club rather than seeing Sharks as simply a way to undertake ad hoc swimming sessions.