Bridport Barracudas - Club Registration 2023/2024

Open for Returning Members

28/07/23 - 30/09/23

Open for New Members

16/07/23 - 31/07/24


Welcome to Bridport Barracudas Swimming Club

Members eRegistration page.

Wether you are new member or a returning member just updating your records with us, eRegistrations is now the club's preffered methods of registration.

We hope our registration process is easy and simple to complete. If you are not happy to complete this form online, you can still down load our New Member Pack from our Download section within this website.

Useful club information before you begin....

Equipment required every time your children swims, from Minnows to Seniors

Swimming costumes - for girls/women these should be one piece. For boys/men these should be well fitting shorts/trunks (not Bermuda style shorts). Our racing colours are Red & Black so it's helpful to get these colours next time you get a new pair.

Goggles - Well fitting and adjusted goggles.

Hair - Swimming Hats or tied up hair for those with long hair.

Drinks - Hydrating drinks, essential for everyone taking part

And for Juniors and Seniors

Equipment - Training fins - essential for anyone who trains in the main pool, pull bouys and suitably sized kick board (not too big for the younger children).

You can buy all of the above through Barracudas - just ask your teacher and they'll point you in the direction of the volunteers who do this.

We also do Barracudas merchandise which can be personalised (sweatshirts, hats, kit bags and polo shirts). You can download a form from the website or use the sheet included in this pack.

When can I/my child swim and how often?

As many times as you can. The more you come, the greater your fitness, flexibility, strength and the overall improvement to your swimming and health will be. If you need to change when you swim (increase swims/decrease swims or change days), just let us know (by email or in person).

Do I/my child have to take part in competitions?

The Club currently enters the Jurassic and Dorset Novice Leagues. Children are selected according to the times they have previously recorded and will be notified about selection by email. If you are selected you are expected to swim!

Club Championships

In the autumn term, Barracudas, as part of our normal training programme, run our Club Championships. This is a chance for everyone to take part in all the different events and record their personal times (however good or bad they are at the different strokes).

These times allow us to see how children are progressing, to have a go at some friendly, low key races amongst swimming mates and record their individual times so that those who are interested in racing can be entered for competitions.

All children are expected to attend as we really need to see how everyone is getting along. However if you have any questions, please have a chat to the Head Coach or one of the swimming coaches.

Whilst your child/partner is swimming

If you are sat twiddling your thumbs whilst your child/partner is training, perhaps you could help us with one of the many (but small) jobs that go together to make a Club like Barracudas work. The smallest things can help even getting time keepers and judges a cold drink during competitions. It all counts. And though you pay fees for your child to swim at Barracudas, this covers pool hire, insurance etc. All coaches, teachers, committee members etc. are volunteers.

Current Swimming Sessions

Mondays - 6.30pm to 7.30pm for Seniors

Tuesdays - early morning session (check for availablity)

Wednesdays - 6.30pm to 7.30pm for Juniors and 7.30pm to 9.00pm for Seniors

Fridays - 6.30pm to 7.30pm for Juniors and 7.30pm to 9.00pm for Seniors


Fees are paid monthly by TU autopay.

Our fees are set up so that they become cheaper the more you swim. This is because we actively want to encourage children to improve their strokes, their fitness and their stamina. We also want to provide flexibility with training so that if you cannot attend one session, you still come to another and not miss out on swimming for several weeks at a time. All current club fees can be downloaded from our Download section of this website, or are detailed when you register your for an appropriate swim session.

Upon completion of this eRegistration, you will be asked enter your payment method securely.

Your registration cannot be approved until such time this has been completed and handed to a member of the committee, who are always available during swim sessions. Joining fees must also be paid.

Note - returning members do not need to complete this form unless you have changed your bank details

How do we find out whats going on in the Club?

There are now 5 ways to find out what happening:

  1. Facebook - at
  2. Twitter - @swimbarracudas
  3. Website -, your registered login details will give you access to swim sessions, your child progress, registering for events and lots more.
  4. Your own email address will automatically be added to the club email group, to ensure that you are kept up to date with all club activities. There have been problems with emails going into individuals junk mail so if you hear nothing, first check your junk mail before getting back in touch with us.
  5. OnDeck smart phone app - simply download to your mobile device and login with your registered details. Most online content can be accessed.

Once you are ready, please proceed with your registration...