Commitment requires difficult decisions to be made when the road to success has obstacles in the way. With balanced strength and motivation, a team can be dedicated into the hard-work environment bleeding success and the standard of excellence that we constantly try to achieve.



Honesty is being truthful and sincere to yourself and those around you; building that strength of character to be trustworthy, loyal and fair when committed to the integrity of the team whether its in training, competition or social settings.



Courage is the ability to get out in front and do what is right; by believing in yourself and those around you enough to push yourselves to you absolute limits.


Unity gives us a sense of belonging and coming together as one greater force. with the cohesion of strong family and team values it creates the belief and support that can overcome adversity and achieve distinguishable triumphs.


Respect is having due regard for the competence feelings views and rights of ourselves and others. Care and consideration to the treatment of all people with whom we come into contact will gain that trust loyalty and will quantify that critical defining relationship.