PSC Annual General Meeting Notice Friday November 13th at 7pm via Zoom

PooleSC Secretary

Dear Members,

Our AGM is now scheduled for Friday November 13th at 7pm via Zoom.

The meeting cannot be held in person, due to Covid 19 government restrictions on gatherings, so we have secured a majority membership vote via the Google survey sent to members, giving the club permission to hold this year’s AGM via Zoom, in line with Dorset ASA guidance and with the club committee’s approval.

Nomination for the election of officers and any proposals for changes to constitution or any other resolutions must be received by the club secretary within 21 days of the club being notified of the date of the AGM, that date being November 13th, so nominations must be received by latest Friday October 23rd 2020.

All nominations for the election of officers must be made in writing, by club membes and duly proposed and seconded or will otherwise be considered void.

Nomination forms listing the posts for election, have been sent via the current TU email accounts of all eligible members or households of members aged 16 and over on or before November 13th. These forms are to be submitted with nominee’s name, post for which being proposed, printed name and signature of proposer and same for seconder.

Due to leisure centre rules banning parent access to centres during training sessions, notices will not be posted on club noticeboards this year. Notice is given via the club website and via members’ TU email addresses.

Voting procedures for the meeting will be sent in due course, and virtual attendance and voting will be in accordance with Dorset ASA guidance. For any queries or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Thank you on behalf of the PSC Committee.


Affiliated to: A.S.A SW Region, D.C.A.S.A


On Friday November 13th 2020

via Zoom at 7pm


Advertised posts via this notice only due to current Covid restrictions prohibiting parents and carers from entering leisure centres during training sessions.

All nominations must be Proposed & Seconded by Friday October 23rd 2020.

Posts to be elected:


President Elect

Chairman (Executive Officer) Held by Steve Hemmings as Acting Chair

Secretary (Executive Officer) Held by Naomi McNamara

Treasurer (Executive Officer) Held by Georgina Whetstone

Meet Secretary Nomination received for Bev Beasley

Membership Secretary Held by Claudia Butcher

Masters Secretary Held by Karen Yendole

PSC Events Secretary Nomination received for Tina Axford-Smith

Communications & Marketing Secretary Held by Caroline Price

Volunteer Support Co-Ordinator Held by Tracy Hemmings

Fundraising Secretary


This is YOUR club, so if you can help on the committee or behind the scenes with fundraising, in-house galas and looking forwards, social events and open meets or in ANY other way, please let us know.

We are continually looking for support & help.

If you wish to email your nominations please send with proposer and seconder using the form sent to members emails to [email protected]

If you require a nominations form, please contact [email protected] for a copy.

Where names are listed, this indicates the current position holder is willing to continue in role or a nomination has already been declared for 2020/2021 season. This does not prohibit further nominations.