Barry Alldrick

Gold Squad Meet Final 2020 Challenges In and Out of the Pool

We hope you all enjoyed Christmas, below is a news brief on the brilliant work that Gold Squad have been up to since November 2nd under the caring yet challenging reach of Maralyn’s wise wings.

The many challenges achieved below really demonstrate how to best deal with the end of a disruptive year, enjoy reading...


Challenge 1

During lockdown version 2.0, the squad members and parents were challenged to running (not walking) a mile under 10 minutes.  Maralyn commented:

“We started to gain some typical fish out of water comments like, ‘I don’t run’ so I simply deciding to take on the challenge myself and show them what could be done”.

Week by week the swimmers, parents, and two coaches took up the challenge, where Maralyn learned just how competitive her squad was. By the end of the lockdown the two coaches and swimmers were knocking down their times, with the majority succeeding to dip under 10 minutes with two swimmers shy of the mark, but their efforts were such that it won’t be long until that barrier is broken.

Izzy taking the Forest route

The supportive parents even formed a Gold squad running group where they have taken the Couch to 5k challenge up, already setting up some markers for 2021

Sub 10minutes Mile!


Challenge 2

Following the lockdown, it was straight in the next challenge, which this time was pool based; The Annual Brownsea Island Challenge. 

An Artists Impression of the Swim

The squad must cover the distance required to swim around the island.  Maralyn has organised this challenge for the past three years with 2018’s larger squad (of 7 to 8 swimmers per lane) set the marker of just under 34 minutes to complete the 5k distance in 33.59.02.

On December 13th, the 2020 Gold Squad Cohort was split into 3 groups, and swam 50m’s continuously, with smaller teams of 4-5 swimmers the squad achieved a fantastic effort and earned a time of 38.37.90.

The swimmers gained sponsorship towards their challenge, by guessing the time it would take and an impressive £115 was raised with 50% going towards Poole Swimming Club and 50% towards DORSET MIND, which the swimmers selected as a Charity that has supported many through this challenging year.

Maralyn commented

“These challenges have really bought the squad closer together, we have had a good laugh and can take great positives from the end of a somewhat rubbish year”

The swimmers and club are incredibly lucky to have Maralyn continue to teach and inspire members. Maralyn has been involved with the club for 52 years, with her family being founding members of the club.   Her efforts to break 10-minute run showed the determination in her character much to the detriment of her knee’s. The squad has stayed well connected including another challenge being achieved with Maralyn learning how to use WhatsApp.

Maralyn going for a Mid-November Sunday Morning Swim during Lockdown 2.0

With the club heading into its 90th year, it will be a special time of achievements, successes and personal development ahead whether our members are in or out of the pool.   The club's mantra of Preparing Swimmers Creating WINNERS has never rung so true.

Well done GOLD SQUAD and to all MEMBERS, the very best wishes for seeing in 2021.


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